Fallen Sword - Map

This map should Help You to get where you want. 

Fallen Sword

Where to Level-up

How do I get to... - I used this as a source of information

Fallen Sword Guide - place with all informations about the game - quests, items, maps, enemies, etc...


* - Portal

{Utapo Flats West} - Passage

(5) - min level Dungeon

[5] - min level World Map


I have prepared this map in a form of tree or to be more precise set of trees. With "{" and "}" brackets I have marked the way between the trees. In order to simplify connections are in similar colour. In normal Brackets "(", ")", "[" and "]" are shown minimal levels to get somewhere. Realms where You can go from another Realm are shown as a subbranches. With red Asterisk are marked realms with portal.

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To be continued...