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What's In Your Will?

Are you a "genealogy freak" and you find your family isn't quite interested enough to carry on your tradition after you are gone?  Consider checking with your local genealogy society - or one near where your ancestors lived - to see if they accept "willed" family history information for their archives and use. 
If you have not done so yet, check with your descendants to see who may wish to be added to your Will to ensure the information is passed on to continue updating - even after you are gone.

Strange Stories?

Did you ever think to check eBay for items people are selling that may be your family items?  A recent story brought to our attention in our group 08/12/12 meeting was a story of a woman who received an email suggesting she check out a particular item on eBay as they thought it might be her Family Bible - and it turns out it was!
Stranger things have happened - it's a resource!


Check the various states for their archives of information you may wish to research.  Or ask a Librarian to assist you.
We do know Washington State Archives has lots of information available.
Darby Wilcox,
Apr 4, 2014, 5:34 PM
Darby Wilcox,
Jan 27, 2015, 9:29 AM