Fund Raising

We are looking for an ACGS Member to volunteer to head up a new Ways & Means (Fund Raising) Committee.  We also are looking for members to volunteer to be a part of the committee!  If you are interested, please contact Carrie Olson at



ONLY $5 per card gets you 8 coupons - all at one time.
Attend a meeting and talk with our Treasurer,
Sandra Mitchell, to purchase your cards.

Raffle Tickets

We are selling $1 raffle tickets (50/50) at each of our monthly meetings - 2nd Wednesday of each month - to help raise money for our society.  The winner is drawn at the end of each meeting and awarded half of the money from those sales.  Join us!

Ideas for Fund Raising Efforts
  • Virtual Perpetual Garage Sale
    • eBay
    • Need a volunteer Coordinator for this!
  • Selling Cinnamon Rolls
Have more ideas or want to volunteer to help?  Contact Carrie Olson at