Thank you for visiting the Adams County Emergency Management Website! We hope that this website is educational and a good resource for you and your family to prepare for disasters. 



The Adams County Emergency Management is a department of Adams County. Our office serves the City of Hastings, as well as all local agreements with Villages throughout Adams County. The Adams County Emergency Management is dependent upon volunteers to exist. So if you view this page and feel you would like to be a part of our Agency, please feel free to contact us.

What is Emergency Management?

We often have people ask us ”What is Emergency Management?".  Emergency Management is the process of preparing for, mitigating, responding to and recovering from an emergency. Emergency Management is a dynamic process.

Planning, though critical, is not the only component. Training, conducting drills,testing equipment and coordinating activities with the community are other important functions. Emergency Management is much more than just monitoring weather. We are a resource and support agency  for other emergency services.

We assist the LEPC on education and response to possible chemical spills at Industry locations. We also are the Local Homeland Security Coordinator which includes writing, submitting, and administering the Homeland Security Grants that the City and County have received over the years. We also work with the Adams County Exercise Design team in planning, developing, writing, and running various exercises with fellow emergency responders in the County.

In addition, we work with families, businesses, schools and industry to help them write emergency disaster plans. We also help them practice those plans when requested, work in setting up the Emergency Operations Center, and serve as Incident Commanders or with Unified Command when disasters strike.