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Given Many Legal Rights

given many legal rights
    legal rights
  • Rights of all individuals in a society as outlined in the laws of the State
  • Many philosophers and political scientists make a distinction between natural rights and legal rights.
  • Rights that are laid down in law and can be defended and brought before courts of law.

The McGill Reporter, 23 March 1995: newspaper clipping on the death of John Peters Humphrey. Source: McGill University Archives, John Peters Humphrey Fonds, MG 4127. / The McGill Reporter, 23 mars 199
The McGill Reporter, 23 March 1995: newspaper clipping on the death of John Peters Humphrey. Source: McGill University Archives, John Peters Humphrey Fonds, MG 4127. / The McGill Reporter, 23 mars 199
ohn Humphrey: 1905-1995 With the death of John Peters Humphrey on March 14, McGill lost one of its most distinguished graduates and faculty members. Humphrey wrote the original drafts of the document which became the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ratified by the United Nations in 1948, a time when slavery was still legal in some countries. Awarded degrees by four McGill faculties (Commerce, Arts, Law and Graduate Studies) he frequently referred to himself as the "dean who never was," since he accepted a post at the UN in 1946, just after being named McGill's Dean of Law. A planned two–year leave turned into a two–decade commitment to preserving and expanding the role of the UN's Human Rights Division. Humphrey never did take up the deanship. Born in Hampton, New Brunswick in 1905, Humphrey was orphaned, and lost an arm in a fire at the age of 6. Those tragic events shaped his future career. In an interview in the Toronto Star in 1988, Humphrey recalled the hard lessons learned early. "It was pretty tough as a youngster having only one arm. Other kids used to taunt me...and I'd lose my cool and get into fights. It's tough for a youngster who is incapacitated. Children can be cruel. But I survived the fights. And those early experiences taught me about injustice and the need for human rights." He remained dedicated to the cause throughout this life. In addition to 20 years' service at the UN, he founded the Canadian branch of Amnesty International, served on the Royal Commission on the Status of Women and was President of the Canadian Human Rights Foundation. As recently as two years ago, at the age of 87, Humphrey, who still gave lectures at McGill, traveled to Japan to represent a group of Korean women forced to work as sex slaves during World War II by the Japanese military and who were seeking compensation. He also campaigned for reparations for Canadian prisoners of war in Hong Kong who were mistreated by their Japanese captors. Among the many honours accorded Humphrey was the Order of Canada, the World legal Scholar Award, the World Federalists of Canada Peach Award and the Great Montrealer Award. He was given a special prize by the UN in 1988, the 40th anniversary of the adoption of the human rights declaration he helped frame—the document Eleanor Roosevelt dubbed "the Magna Carta of mankind"–and an achievement Alexander Solzhenitsyn referred to as the UN's greatest success. That same year, McGill's Faculty of Law established the John Humphrey Lectureship on Human Rights, inaugurated by Humphrey who spoke, typically, not of his contribution to bringing the declaration into being, but of its potential to bring about world peace. / John Humphrey: 1905-1995 Lors du deces de John Peters Humphrey le 14 mars dernier, l'Universite McGill perdait un de ses diplomes et professeur les plus notables. John Humphrey a ecrit les versions preliminaires du document qui est devenu la Declaration universelle des droits de la personne, ratifiee par les Nations Unies en 1948, a une epoque ou l'esclavage etait toujours legal dans certains pays. Laureat de diplomes dans quatre facultes de McGill (administration, arts, droit et etudes superieures), M. Humphrey se surnommait souvent : « le doyen manque », parce qu'il avait accepte un poste aux Nations Unies en 1946, juste apres sa nomination a titre de doyen de la Faculte de droit. Ce conge planifie de deux ans est devenu un engagement de 20 ans a preserver et a etendre le role de la Division des droits de la personne des Nations Unies. M. Humphrey n'a jamais occupe ses fonctions de doyen. Ne a Hampton, au Nouveau-Brunswick, en 1905, M. Humphrey est devenu orphelin et a perdu l'usage d'un bras lors d'un incendie, alors qu'il avait six ans. Ces evenements tragiques ont faconne sa carriere a venir. Dans une entrevue au Toronto Star en 1988, il rappelle les dures lecons qu'il a du apprendre tres jeune. « C'etait difficile de grandir avec un seul bras. Les autres enfants se moquaient de moi... ce qui me faisait perdre mon calme et engager des combats. La vie est dure pour un enfant handicape. Les enfants peuvent etre si cruels. Mais j'ai survecu a tous ces combats et ces experiences de jeunesse m'ont appris sur l'injustice et la necessite des droits de la personne. » Il est demeure devoue a cette cause tout au long de sa vie. En plus de ses 20 annees de service aux Nations Unies, il a fonde la division canadienne d'Amnistie internationale, siege a la Commission royale sur le statut de la femme et preside la Fondation canadienne des droits de la personne. Il y a a peine deux ans, a l'age de 87 ans, John Humphrey, qui prononcait encore des allocutions a l'Universite McGill, s'est rendu au Japon afin de representer un groupe de femmes coreennes forcees de servir d'esclaves sexuelles par les militaires japonais au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale et qui demandaient reparation. John Humphrey a aussi milite pour le versement d'une compe
Manhattan NYC (IMMIGRANTS protesting for legal status in the land of the home the free the brave.) Arent we all the product of IMMIGRANTS? or IMMIGRANTS ourselves? We are foreign to ourselves anyway, to our impulses, our murderous impulses, to our deep desires, to our repressed sexual fantasies. We are foreigners all of us. We are strangers to ourselves, we use defense mechanisms to survive psychologically. These are unconscious mechanisms that keep us sane and able to live with one another and with ourselves. WE are strangers to them. BUT WE ARE ONE WITH THEM...................................... We know ourselves so little, except the parts we dont want to change at all, those are what we think we really are and like most about ourselves except when they conflict and get us into trouble. Then its time for the SHRINK. When the defense mechanisms fail us. We are XENOPHOBES. WE fear strangeness, strangers, strange. We are elitist. We boast how wonderful AMERICA is without knowing about other nations. We take it as dogma how GREAT and WONDERFUL America is. DOGMA! The question comes down to whether those who are here illegally should be considered GREAT and FREE and have LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL. A huge question. The RIGHT to protest. Try it in IRAN in CHINA in BURMA in North Korea in Somalia..................... YOUR LOVE FOR AMERICA is what counts. YOUR love for its BANNER is what counts. YOUR LOVE for its principles is what counts. YOUR LOVE FOR ITS PRIVILEGES is what counts. FEW KIDS FEW PEOPLE EVEN UNDERSTAND THE ROOTS OF OUR NATION. The DICHOTOMY or IRONY i should say is that AmericA makes it too easy for its citizens to forget the basic principles the basic fight for liberty the basic essence of how AMERICA was formed, its point its reason for being. America has spoiled America. America is about acquiring, immediate gratification, conspicious consumption. We are no longer patriotic. We dont even know what that means anymore. The troops have the hardest time coming back from WAR. They are not celebrated. They are not prioritized. There are no more medals. WE ARE ALL SPOILED BY AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! INDEPENDANCE DAY means a barbecue beer and fireworks. KIDS dont understand what MARQUIS de LAFAYETTE did for our nation. THEY DONT GIVE A RATS ASS how many died on the beaches of NORMANDY. THEY DONT GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT ANYTHING except their immediate needs being met!!!!!!!!!!!! screw PATRIOTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS COOL to hate AMERICA for many of these LOST leftist, totally confused KIDS! The unfortunate but very very truthful thing: its all about MONEY/ DINERO, not patriotism. not love for country. not the red white and blue, not the revolutionary war the Civil War, the fight for our country. IT TAINT ABOUT PATRIOTISM even an iota. NOT ONE TEENSY TEENSY ITSY BITSY BIT............................. ITS ABOUT THE GREEN THE GREEN THE MONEY GREEN............................ ITS ALL ABOUT E C O N O M I C S................................................................... Give me MONEY or give me DEATH. THIS RECESSION hit BIG. Many foreigners are headed back to their nations. ITS all of a sudden not so GREAT and WONDERFUL here is it?

given many legal rights
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