Thousands of people are searching for their roots. They would like to know more about their ancestors, about their parents, siblings ... where did they come from, what did they do, how did they live, why did they leave their homestead, what happened with the property, are there any distant cousins left in the Old Country, could we visit them?

We conduct genealogical research on the whole territory of Slovenia and neighbouring countries.  As long as we have enough data to identify your Ancestor, we are able to trace him and his family - even if the place of birth or exact date is not known. We are also able to find your living relatives and arrange all the details for a successful and happy visit. See the story about an American who found her relatives in one single day:
CLICK. The story about our client was published even in the newspaper.

The results of genealogical research typically include:
- Research progress Reports after each action
- Genealogical data in GEDCOM files, suitable for most Family Tree making software.
- Family Tree
- Names and Addresses of living relatives found
- A short historical information about the researched community
- Land records research reports may include copies of relevant documents as available.

- Hourly fee is 30 EUR for research time, actually spent on the case
- Travelling charges are 0.40 EUR per km
- Mailing costs as applicable

We suggest you to provide all available information on your ancestor and clearly state the objective of the research. This can save us a lot of research time. We also kindly ask you to give us your full postal address for our customer file.
Based on your data, available sources and research objective we shall, together with you, work out the most promising operating plan and set the starting budget, typically 300 EUR.

After each action we shall send you a preliminary report by e-mail about what has been done, what has been found and what are the accumulated costs. The report also includes the Family Tree as it is being updated. We shall also suggest you our opinion about the best course for future actions and seek your comment and/or approval.
When the budget will be used up, you will be requested to send your payment with the Certified Cashiers Check, payable to: "Tino Mamic". You can then decide whether to continue with the research or not. If the research should be continued, you can set a new budget at your convenience.
References are available on request. You can also seek advice on the most promising course of research before you decide to engage us. We shall try to help you to the best of our ability,  free of charge.