I am currently a Ph.D. student at the Department of Logic of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague and the Department of Theoretical Computer Science of the Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences under the supervision of Marta BílkováI am taking part in the CzechGerman project SEGA and the EU RISE project SYSMICS.

I am also co-organizing the 10th edition of the conference PhDs in Logic, which will take place in Prague during 1st–4th May 2018.

My research focuses on the algebraic study of non-classical logics, particularly on logics which formalize reasoning with inconsistent information. Among other things, I am studying the extensions and expansions of the four-valued Belnap–Dunn logic using the tools of so-called abstract algebraic logic.

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You can contact me at: name.surname@gmail.com