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FIN 325 Corporate Finance (Spring 2014)

Course level: undergraduate

Professor: Michael Gofman

Course description:

During the course students climb the corporate finance knowledge ladder that has five steps: (1) definitions/language of corporate finance (2) institutional details (3) theory (4) knowledge and intuition for financial frictions (5) value creation with financial decisions. In the first part of the class we develop tools to evaluate companies and investment projects. The second part of the class focuses on developing knowledge and intuition for financial frictions and how managers can use these frictions to make financial decisions that increase value of their firms.

Discussion section handouts:

 ClassTopics PDF 
 1Growing perpetuity; NPV Class1.pdf 
 2 Modigliani-MillerClass2.pdf
 3 Debt; share buy-backsClass3.pdf 
 4 Midterm reviewClass4.pdf 
 5 Wealth transfers; debt overhang
 6 Managerial incentives; information asymmetryClass6.pdf 
 7 Venture capitalClass7.pdf 
 8 Debt and taxes; empire buildingClass8.pdf
 9 Final reviewClass9.pdf