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FIN 325 Corporate Finance (Fall 2014)

Course level: undergraduate

Professor: Oliver Levine

Course description:

Development of the theory, method and analytical techniques of financial management. Techniques of capital budgeting; valuation of projects and firms; theory of capital structure; dividend policy; cost of capital; mergers and acquisitions. The emphasis will be on the theory of these financial policy decisions, rather than the institutional and practical details.

Discussion section handouts

 ClassTopics PDF 
 1Discounting; NPV Class1.pdf 
 2 Regression analysis; CAPM; growing annuity Class2_new.pdf
 3 Modigliani-Miller; midterm reviewClass3.pdf 
 4 Debt tax shields; cost of financial distressClass4.pdf 
 5 Managerial incentives; final reviewClass5.pdf 

Practice exam