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FIN 320 Investment Theory (Fall 2015)

Course level: undergraduate

Professor: David Brown

Course description: 

We study the theory of investments, and particularly portfolio management in this course. We discuss the following topics: the estimation of reward and risk in investments, optimal portfolio choice, factor models of returns, transaction costs, short selling, statistical analysis of investment opportunities, and measurement of the performance of investment managers. This course relies on mathematical statistics. 

Discussion section handouts

 ClassDate Topics PDF 
  1  09/25/2015 Present value calculations  320_Class1.pdf
 210/02/2015Utility; portfolio weights; real returns  320_Class2.pdf
 310/23/2015CAPM; maximum Sharpe ratio portfolio  320_Class3.pdf
 411/06/2015Random walk model  320_Class4.pdf
 5  12/11/2015  Fixed income; duration; equity valuation  320_Class5.pdf