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Adam Gottbetter and partners practice of law

While practicing with Smith, Brown and Lee in Kansas City, Missouri, Adam S Gottbetter was handling cases in the sphere of domestic relations and family law, personal injury, as well as Social Security disability claims.
Adam Gottbetter Attorney

In 2005 Gottbetter and partners left the firm to form their own partnership relative to the practice of law. Adam Gottbetter co INT. and partners established their practice at 1201 16th Avenue in Columbus, Georgia 31906. Currently Mr. Gottbetter is still working in Gottbetter capital markets at that same location. However, the partnership came to an end in 2007. Adam’s law firm has been practicing law for 15 years and he has handled matters in a variety of legal areas.
Gottbetter capital markets are handling legal matters in the areas of personal injury, worker compensation, Social Security disability, and domestic relations and family law. Additionally, Adam’s law firm has at times represented people and handled legal matters involving real estate, criminal law, bankruptcy, and worker compensation.

Adam Gottbetter attorney today

The nature of Mr. Adam Gottbetter's practice has now evolved such that he is currently investigating Social Security disability claims and personal injury claims. With the beginning in November 2008, Adam Gottbetter investigation began representing veterans and their families with respect to veteran's claims for disability compensation and pensions.