Adam S Gottbetter LLP

Adam Gottbetter's beginning

Adam S Gottbetter was born in New York, NY on January 15, 1971 at the Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital. His father and mother both graduated from State University of New York and were involved in law practice. Adam’s mother was an attorney and his father was doing legal investigations for several years in Brooklyn.
Adam Gottbetter Legal Advisor
In 1981, when Adam Gottbetter was ten years old, his father found a new position in Carlinville, Illinois. Carlinville was not a big city and had approximately 5,000 residents where Adam finished his high school.

Gottbetter as an attorney in law firm

In 1990 Adam Gottbetter SEC enrolled in Bradley University, Illinois and was resident of Peoria until the time of his graduation in 1995. Mr. Gottbetter graduated from Bradley Law University with a Bachelor degree of International law. While attending Bradley Law University he met his wife, now Ana Gottbetter, and they married on August 12, 1998. Mr. Gottbetter and his wife Ana have three children.
Mr. Gottbetter and his wife Ana with their family moved to Montgomery, Alabama where he clerked for a short time with an insurance defense law firm in Montgomery, which represented insurance companies relative to defending personal injury liability claims and worker compensation claims. In early 2000 he left the insurance law firm.
Adam S Gottbetter SEC then passed the Alabama State Bar exam and was admitted to practice to law in the State of Alabama in May 2001.
Upon passing the Alabama Bar examination Gottbetter as a lawyer, then worked for a small general practice law firm for almost a year.

Gottbetter and partners at Capital Markets

Following the next year, in August 2002, Gottbetter and his family moved to Hartford, Connecticut. There Adam began practicing law with the law firm in Hartford, named Gottbetter Global capital markets. In this law firm Adam Gottbetter and partners were engaged in general practice. Gottbetter then took the Connecticut Bar exam and was admitted to practice in the State of Connecticut in June 2003.
Since their law firm handled legal matters in the State of Michigan, as well as Missouri, Mr. Gottbetter as a lawyer additionally took the Bar examination in the State of Michigan and was admitted to practice  in the State of Michigan in April 2004.
As a lawyer, Adam Gottbetter has now been admitted to practice in numerous State and Federal Courts in the States of Alabama, Michigan and Missouri. He was also admitted in May 2008, to practice before The United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.