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Standard Virus Repair: $55

Was it your fault you  got a virus? No! That is why we charge this shocker price. This excludes replacement parts and data back up, but includes the following services: 

Spyware Removal

We install Anti-virus Software and Eliminate Spyware. If you notice your computer running unusually slow, you may be a victim of spyware. Spyware is software placed in your hard drive by advertisers who are looking to make an extra buck. As they track your movements over the internet (spying), they learn what your interests are, and as a consequence of your online interests, you may receive pop-ups based on the information acquired. This could amount to multiple pop-ups thus slowing down your computer's processing tremendously. BC will repair this computer malfunction with Anti Virus & and Anti Spyware Software.

Trojan Removal

We eliminate Trojans. The Trojan Horse is another harmful predator of the processor. A bit of history: When the Trojans were at war with Greece, they sat inside a giant wooden horse at their gate. When the Greeks saw what they thought was a present, they pulled the horse inside. To bad for them, inside this horse was the Trojan army. Just as the Trojans needed the Greeks to bring the horse inside for their plan to work, a trojan horse program depends on actions by the intended victims. Trojans look like an innocent program, but turn out to be malicious! Included in this category is Malware. 

Virus Removal

We eliminate viruses. A virus will slow down your computer until you get angry and throw the computer away or finally call a nerd or geek for some help. No, but really. A computer virus is a program downloaded, without your permission and knowledge, aimed at altering the way the operating system works. Viruses can be intentionally destructive - destroying data, while others may just be an annoyance. 

                      Dust Removal

We open your computer case and vacuum out the dust. A computer's fan is designed to pull in air to cool and ventilate the system so that it does not overheat. However, overtime dust will accumulate that could cause the components to overheat. This could cause the computer to shut down randomly. To prevent losing your files, and extend the life of your computer, dusting is a must. Keep your computer fully functioning by regularly dusting.

OS Restoration

We install any Windows & OSX Operating System. When a computer or laptop has been infected with a virus, it may be too slow to repair internally. Formatting and reinstalling Windows will clear the problem. Files can be saved and placed back in the clean system. Depending on which OS you're running, either Windows 98, XP, Vista, or Windows 7, it may be possible to upgrade. A clean installation is available to bring the computer back to operating as the day you bought it.

Total Meltdown (BSOD) Fix
We bring your Laptop or computer back to life. The 'Blue Screen of Death' -causing the computer to freeze and displaying an error message in white writing on a blue background. What's worse is if the machine will not turn on at all. There are a few different problems that could be at fault here. There may have been a power surge that fried the power supply. Possibly a few capacitors on the board may be damaged. Either way both are easily repaired with a little technical help. DO NOT THROW YOUR AWAY YOUR DEVICE! We can fix it.

Feeling broke? Here's do it yourself page for those looking to save money and have the time and patience to learn a few tricks. Learn How to Repair your own computer. This page will get you started with a copy of windows, anti-virus and troubleshooting other hardware problems that might arise. If you want something done right Do It Yourself.