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    Laptop Problems & Prices:
    Viruses are a common problem plaguing Windows software. A virus, malware, trojan, spyware, or other harmful bit of coding has infected the OS and caused this malfunction. Completely erasing the drive and reinstalling Windows is necessary to remove this error and ensure elimination. Installing anti-virus software guards the computer from being susceptible to any further problems. 
    Virus Repair: $55 

    Broken LCD Screen Symptoms of a broken LCD monitor include: horizontal and or vertical lines covering the display, a very dim barely visible screen, black spots and patches, or there will be no picture on the laptop screen at all. An easy way to identify a broken LCD would be to hold the laptop under a bright light at an angle and spot the discoloration. A good working screen is flat black with no scars or blemishes created by cracks in the liquid crystal. A replacement is needed to repair a laptop monitor. 
                                                      LCD Screen replacement: $55 +Cost of Screen 

    Loose DC jack port Symptoms of a loose or broken DC jack include the laptop being plugged in but not showing the charge is received, having to push or pull on the chord or jack to show a connection, and the laptop turning off without notice. This problem is usually caused by dropping the laptop- leaving it to hang by the chord. Frayed and damaged AC adapters and chords show always be replaced to prevent shock injury.             
                                                      DC Jack Replacement: $75 +Cost of Jack

    Loose display hinges  Symptoms of loose display hinges include the display's attachment being flimsy from the keyboard, falling back and not staying positioned at one viewing angle. Hundreds of times opening and closing a laptop does loosten the hinges and requires some maintenance.
    Hinge Maintenance or Replacement: $55 +Cost of hinge