How to repair the viruses on your own. If these directions get scary call and we might be able to help over the phone. This page is for a computer that has completely crashed. How to find and install a copy of Windows XP.


Also visit the Repair Page page to help diagnose your problem.

The simplest method to fix a computer virus is to install antivirus software. Some of the more common packages are Mcafee, Norton, AVG, and PC-cillin. AVG is actually free and can be downloaded here: http://free.grisoft.com/

A good working free spyware program from Google here:


Wikipedia gives a good explaination on what a computer virus is, but the easy explanation is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_virus
A computer program made to destroy your software.


These will cover most minor threats and the adverage major threat. Hackers world wide are for one reason or another always distributing new harmful software to kill your computer. By Using one of the many anti virus programs you have a better chance of staying clean from these invaders.

Some computers will be so bogged down with spyware and viruses that the only good solution will be to reinstall the Operating System. This procedure takes longer and may cost more, but the result is a practically brand new computer. It's worth it. There are two methods: buy Windows XP or Download it.

If you choose to save some money and fix Windows XP yourself here is how:



WARNING     The following are hacks and not to be considered as part of general BC applications. For informational use only. Ask around for a copy. If none exits do it yourself on a working computer:

1. Download a torrent engine. The best one I know is Azureus. Go to http://www.vuze.com/app and click the download on the left. Once it's finished, open and install the program. Don't be fooled, there is much power to be had with torrent. Where do you think all those boot leg videos come from. Or how are they distributed? Through torrent! Either that or Movie6.net . <-- Most of the movies now out at you greedy fingers. Don't tell anyone okay :0.

2.Back to torrent. Now you want to find an OS. Windows Xp sound good? how about the pro service pack 2? You get the pick of the litter. Some sites to find torrent to download are: http://www.Torrentz.com or google torrent toorgle.com these are the major suppliers. They will give you the lead to smaller ones. ...Does downloading torrent make me a hacker?... Nahh!! Oh, a more familiar torrent engine is Limewire.com mostly for music though.

3. So through those sites I just listed search for Windows Xp, Vista, Linux, or even leopard OS X. I use Windows Xp. Once the huge file is done downloading (this may take hours to days) you can now burn! Ahhh not so fast. The file you have just downloaded is an unknown format and will not boot unless it is converted. Look at the name of the file you downloaded for instance: .daa or .jar or .img These files will only be burned with the proper converter. Magic ISO, and Power ISO, will cover that. I prefer Magic. You can download Magic ISO the same way you downloaded XP. The Magic ISO torrent includes the crack you will need to burn larger files. I love torrent. Pop in a blank CD and burn and open the file to be burned.

4.With your burned copy of XP your ready to repair. Restart the broken computer with the XP disk inserted. Hit delete and all the 'F' keys immediately to get to the BIOS menu. The screen should be blue or show DOS looking settings. Configure the computer to boot from the disk drive then save and exit. IF all is well and you have made a decent copy the disk will spin and say something like 'hit any button to install windows'. Choose the ntfs file system. Fat 32 is outdated. If you have any problems it is a safe bet to blame it on the CD. Viruses do not affect your physical computer components.

4. Lets say you get far enough that you are almost done downloading or installing. There will always be one BIG speed bump. The serial number! Crap! Don't hit yourself in the head you have gone too far to let this get you down. My favorite serial site: www.Serials.ws Watch out for the porn at the top unless you are fond of it. I warned you. Do not go to that site with you mom behind you. Contained in that site is the keys to the world! Well not really but to almost all software. It will only let you try out 10 keys. There's a way around that. Delete your browser cookies.

If this was confusing as Hell and you still need assistance hit up my Repair Blog. I will help were I can in the procedure.