What's Next

Pictures and fun!  For the whole Family to enjoy! 

I just got back from a trip to visit freinds in San Diego.  What a beautiful city, lots of energy, right on the beach and real nice.  I will surely be back there, but for now the wild world of LA calls my name.  I taught my second class and it went very well.  There were only 2 people in the class so it gave me a chance to improve my personal involvement with individual adjustments for students.  I am just waiting for some more classes and also I have a meeting with one of Tom's freinds to talk about Film Editing and a possible job.  

here are some more photos that I had promised from training:

Last week of training and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a yogi.

Bikram knows how to captivate an audience.

Ingrid gets some shut eye last week of training.

Dezzy and Emily (Adelaide and Hawaii) listen intently in the last week.

Takin pictures.  One of my favs during class.

Chikago and Yulika have a laugh. (Japan)

Ced and Bionca are totally awesome (Canada - Paris) Oui!

Deuce is in the house like Whoa.

The Gold.

Emmy.  The Goddess of Pain.  83 years old.  Remember that.

The class watches in the background during the demonstration of Advanced Class as Emmy teaches.

Hmm, Emmy can touch her head to her feet.  Can YOU?  NO?  YOU LET AN OLD LADY BEAT YOU?

Emmy in the middle during advanced class.

The class looks on in astonishment during the advanced class.

Pam, Mitsu and I are in good spirits (Vancouver, Tokyo, RI)

Sarah is talking on the phone....wait, no thats her foot.