Week Six

Week Six, no turning back! 


Week SeVeN


(Dennis, Ingrid and Jeanne gettin wild Downtown LA)


Saturday, my uncle Jimmy was in town since his flight to China was delayed about 24 hours.  I took kim to see the sights.  We went to Venice Beach and walked around the rediculous street vendors selling mostly art, tarot readings and bongs.  The beach was nice even though it was very foggy on the water.  We toured the Mulholland Drive area, went up to see the HOLLYWOOD sign, then drove through Beverly Hiills and Sunset Blvd. 

Sunday was a relaxing day by the pool at the Oakwood Apts where most of the yogi trainees stay.

Monday Oct 23

Morning class was taught by a wonderfull woman named Cindy who went to training back in 1977.  She said that they went to five classes a day for training for 2 years and this was before the invention of the water bottle so they didnt have any water in the room.  The class was great because it reminded me of my home teacher, Mary Ann, the way they are so comfortable teaching because they have been doing it for so long.  

 (Mark demonstrates the Sleeping Fish Pose)

Tuesday Oct 24th

Emmy taught in the morning and had the door right next to me open.  It was great.  We are really getting into a groove each day, the groups are getting tighter and more friendly which helps us to work better.  If someone is having a hard time we encourage them to do better.  Posture clinic is more of a time to talk and joke around so long as you have your posture memorized, if not then its momorization station.  

Bikram taught night class so there were about 15 extra teachers in the room who were visiting and got lucky evought to be there when he taught.  Since there are so many trainees it is not always possible for them to squeeze in.  

Posture clinic is always a good time when group 2 (Deuce! Deuce!) gets sent to the spare room.  The main yoga room is set up into two main sections with heavy partitions separating them.  you can fit either two or three groups in each of the two main sections, but there are two smaller rooms that slow groups get sent to if they are falling behind.  Group 2 is always falling behind.  My theory is that since groupd 2 is comprised of the A's, B's C's and D's (as in last name begins with) we are accostomed to going first, but relish the chance to go last.  Deuce is the remidial group.  

Wednesday, Oct 25th

Rajashree taught class this morning to the joy of the whole class.  It was a cloudy day, strange for LA.  Of course, no matter the weather outside its always a nice, humid 110 degrees inside.  

We continue to get lots of teachers from all over the world to help with training as volunteers, they all say that comming back to training is even more of a learning experience then actually going thruough their own training, which is not totally believable, but who knows.  

Bikram was in class, as a student, this evening Mike, a retiered fire fighter from Oregon, taught a great class.  He went to training in 1998.  

Now, I am sitting in the parking lot with a couple of freinds, where we eat lunch and dinner.  The air is clear and cool, like the concrete desert it is.  We are just sitting around discussing the teaching prospects in LA, where there are many studios and many many teachers.  I wish you could be here to see what we joke about just to see your blank stare and confuzed mind pondering our silly yogi jokes.  You would be repulsed by the stench of our sweaty carpet and amazed by 300 exhaauseted yogis' resiliance.  

 (Jamie Corbett and I pondering the Deuce, nice haircut by the way)

Thursday, Oct 26th

It's already Thursday!  Holy Moly!   This mornings class was taught by Elizabeth from Kansas.  It was a great and energetic class and everyone seemed to love it.  Now we sit out in the parking lot on this beautiful 80 degree Los Angeles day.  Tonight there is no class.  Instead there is a Disco in honor of teacher training and Bikram's friend Mr. Sahara from India.  Mr. Roy Sahara, once a pauper, is now the richest man in India and employs 1.3 million people in India.  He claims that Bikram is his guru and comes to visit every year or so.  The yogis are going to get dolled up tonight and boogie down on the dance floor!  

The Party was a blast!  We set the yoga room up very nicely disco lights, dancefloor, live band, dining tables, DJ, the whole nine.  And everyone dressed up hot and flashy for the festivaties.  Cory, a trainee from Chicago, acted as the manager for the event, while Tom was working as a greeter.  About 10 ladies from training were hostesses and Jeremy and I were the light engineers.  

The dance floor was packed and everyone was gettin down.  Bikram showed off his dance skills, which were quite impressive.  Roy Sahara was there and Randy Jackson (Michael Jackson's brother) was there as well.  THere was quite an A-list of folks including 1995 Mr. Universe.  Yogis really know how to party and move on the dance floor.

(Ayn Ta Yee See Oh Yo!  --  Let's Party!)