Week Seven

 This is week seven


Week 8, son

Monday Oct, 30th

Monday morning we had the dubious pleasure of Wren, the effeminate hairdresser to teach class.   The little Asian sensation woo-ed the class with his light hearted mannerisms and knowledge of the yoga.  Week seven for me didnt start as well as five or six, but I was still feeling strong and confident. 

Posture clinic continues to get easier as the dialogue gets shorter for each posture.  This is the best opportunity to get a massage or sleep or just make stupid yoga jokes.  

No one remembers who taught Monday night, but I'm sure it was fantastic.  

Tuesday, Oct 31 HALLOWEEN

yay! I showed up to class on tuesday with my Zorro Mask over my glasses looking pretty dumb, but everyone loved it.  Only a handful of people were dressed up today, but I expect more on Friday for the Talent Show.  There were a bunch of cats and a ghost, doctor and nurse, and Shiva, the Indian contortionist, was of course Superman.  

The night class was taught by Craig, Bikram's second-hand man.  Craig is remarkable at organizing  everything that goes on during training.  He is infamous for his full-minute awkward (second set), and this just means that he holds trainees in one of the most ruthless poses for an thigh-destructive amount of time.  However, I love it.  So, Craig shows up to class in a long white bathrobe.  He climbs up onto the teachers podium and slowly reveals that he is dressed like Elvis, or more like Merv Griffin.  After uproarious laughter he strips hiscostume to reveal that he is wearing a pink two-peice womans yoga outfit.  Oh my.  The class lost control and some people were about to fall on the ground from either shock or laughter.  I, who always has the quick-witted remark on hand, was dumbfounded and utterly speachless and just plain glad that I didnt have my glasses on to see his fake, over-sized, stuffed package in the bottom on the bikini.  Besides that, it was a good class.


Wednesday, November 1st

"Holy shit," I mutter as my roomate Tom explains that two days ago Kioko taught.  I was convinced that the person who taught this morning (Thursday) was yesterdays class.  Alas, a 16 hour day can cause some mental dysfunction.

Kioko is a wonderful young woman from Japan, who is one of the leaders who brought the 50 plus people from Japan to training.  She taught Wednesday morning and showed us what it is like for the Japanese students, who mostly speak very little or no English.  The whole class wasn't in Japanese, but some of it was and it was so interesting and fun to hear it and have no idea what they are saying.  Of course, we all knew what to do for the postures, so we dont really need to hear what they say.  

Wednesday night was the beginning of my descent this week.  I don't remember who taught, but I do remember that they bumped the heat up and my body responded accordingly.  It felt like week 4 all over again (for those who don't have the pain of week 4 scalded into their body and soul, just know it was YOKUNAI--Not Good).  

My body was having a tough time from the start of this week, but I didn't realize that it was due to the added heat untill Wed night, when it was brutally apparent that the temperature was up.  To the crazy people who didn't realize this, good for you.  Supprisingly for me many folks in my class had a great class and were feeling terrific.  It really is remarkable how our bodies and minds react differently.  For instance, my best week was some folks worst week.  

 Deuce is the most diverse of all the groups with members from China, Hong Kong, Chile, Canada, France, South Africa, UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Rhode Island.

Thursday Nov 2nd

Thursday morning was a brutal awakening to the truth; I am in a world of hurt.  I can't even really remember who taught or what happened in class, but I do know that it was painful and some of the hardest classes that I've ever had.  Mental strength was tested to the limit, morning and night classes, both were just brutal.  Not just for  me, but for many.  Although some people are still doing amazing and having great classes.  

Farmers market was tonight and i got the usual suasage and macaroni, mmmm. Then, Group two was moved to the single classroom named Utah (cuz its the furthest away).  I had my best dialogue tonight for the Half-Tortouise Pose.  I really just had crazy confidence and even though i had only learned and memorized the postuire 30 minutes before, I was solid.  I recited the pose in my Zorro (Super Deuce) mask per request of the teachers in posture clinic, Zach and Dave.  But, my funniest moment was prior to reciting the dialouge, while standing on the podium, I faked them out.  Since this [pose starts in kneel down position and arms over the head, instead of proceeding the subjects into the posture, I had them bow down to me in priase a few times, eliciting upraorious laughter, then i rocked the posture.  I love Group 2.

(and they bow to the masked man) 

Friday, Nov 3rd

Another set of rediculously difficult classes, but not as bad as Thursday.  A set of new teachers was in the house this week, but the highlight of the week was certainly the Talent show after night class.  YAY!  It was so much fun to see what everyone had in store.,  Everything from traditional Yugoslavian songs to hip-hop to guitar/songwriters, to poetry, to a 40-person-Japanese dance ensamble.  Not to mention a yoga display from world-champion Shiva.

(Do not try at home)

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