Week 9?!?!?!?!

Thats right.  The Final Countdown.  The Last Supper.  El Fin.  Le Finit.  Caput.  The End.  



Monday, Nov 13th

Anna taught Mon morn.  She is a certified Bikram teacher from Brazil and also the owner and founder of Shakti Yoga Wear (one of the biggest yoga brands).  She brought a strong positive energy to the room, perfect for the last monday of training.  I had a great class.

I was worried about the last week.  This training has been a bit of a roller-coaster as far as classes go.  Observe.

Week 1, 2, 3 -- hard and crazy, getting used to so many classes

Week 4  --  Sick and bad

Week 5  --  AMAZING

Week 6  --  Not as good as week 5, but not terrible

Week 7  --  Really hard and really bad

Week 8  --  Great

Week 9 started out great and that was what i was looking for.  The day was full of lectures from Bikram.  We basicaly listened to Bikram speak from his throne for 8 hours today. Wow.  He is really a great speaker and can chat nonstop about anything forever.  He talked about how drugs and pills are the "alterntive medicine" and that yoga is "natural medicine."  He talked about his champion yoga days in India and Japan and about about the benefits to the body from yoga.  It is truly amazing how yoga improves the body, or rather, allows the body to improve itself.  

One of Bikram's quotes;

"Jesus isn't popular in India.  Ask me why."

(the class answers) "WHY?" 

"Because on every street corner ther are half dozen Jesus in India" (referring to the many spiritual masters in India)

Tuesday, Nov 14th

Ashley, the second place winner for the women's national competition this past year, taught class Tues morn.  Lots of energy and positivity.  Strong class.  It meant a lot to me that my class was strong and energetic.  That was a good one.  Then more lectures from Bikram.  He spoke about ancient Hindi mythology and postures.  He just doesnt stop.

Bikram then taught the evening class with his usual gusto and humor.  Making jokes about fat asses and PMS.  About midway through class he had to leave to have an interview with a Japanese TV station that was taking pictures in our class that evening.  As he was leaving, he handed Craig (number 2 guy) the mic and he taught a great class for the remainder.  It was quite amusing because Craig had been taking that very class and so was out of breath and very sweaty, but he pulled himself together and finished well. 

The night lecture was tough.  While Bikram is an amazing speaker and very entertaining, one can only handle so much acient Hindu mythology at a time.  Luckily, he let us go at 11:00.  

Rest of the week

Unfortunately, I got caught up in the splendor and chaos that is teacher training and slacked on my duties as blog writer extraordinaire.  But, I will disclose the fun and ruckus that ensued in the remainder of the final week of Teacher training.  

The rest of the classes of the week went smoothly.  Jason, one of Craig's all time favorite teachers came to us from one of the few beach town studios south of LA.  He traveled a couple hours just to bash our heads into our own yoga mats.  YAY!  His class was wonderful, but it miffed a lot of yogis who were used to taking class in their own habitual manner and Jason demanded that we take our meditation to the next level and do things the exact way he prescribed.   Cool.  Bikram had more lectures day in and day out.  Some were wonderful some were ramblings and some even were uncomprehensible.  Most people were too exhausted to really care much.  

Bikram's lawyer, John from Chicago, came and spoke to the students about franchising and how Bikram won his major court battle.  The Bikram method of yoga is specific enough to warrent the need for a copyright and trademark.  He battled in court against those who felt that yoga is a public good and won because of the way that he has sculpted very specific postures into a sequence.  sweet.  John is also a certified yoga instructor for Bikram yoga.  

The main jist of the last week was a farewell.  300 peolpe from around the globe eventually have to migrate back to their origins and disseminate the yogas to the general population.  Over the past 9 weeks we have grown very tight as a group and learned so much about eachothers fears, motivations, pasts, loves, strengths and weaknesses that it feels like family.  There are so many people to say goodbye to, but I would rather just imagine that I will see them again in their respective locales.  

 (Bow pose in class)

I have direct invitations to Chile, Italy, Paris, Czech Repulic, Vancouver, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, London, New Zealand, Australia, and all over the US.  Not too shabby.  I truly made some amazing friends that I have no doubt will last my lifetime.  I love the yogas.  

Bikram taught us a secret ancient breathing method that can summon the supernatural powers inate in us all.  He made us all swear to never use the breathing meditation for more than 15 minutes because most people arent ready to experience the most powerfull part of their psyche.  A student of his once attacked Bikram while in a trance from the breathing.  The woman had been practicing the breathing everynight for several hours at a time and attacked Bikram and threw his 300 lbs parking attendant 6 feet in the air.   It apparently took 7 men to hold her down because of her power.  True story.   So watch out, you better get me a good Chrismas present or else I will summon the supernatural yogi powers within.

During the last week Bikram stood on the back of anyone who can touch their head to the toes.  Yes that is right.  Forehead to the toes, it can be done.  In our class there were about 35 students who could.  He holds a running count and during every teacher training gives out numbers to those who can.  Our class was numbers 688 through about 725.  I am about 8 inches from doing this amazing feet (get it! haha).

(Check out his 10-pack abs!)