8. Week Five

Week five, Stayin alive! 


Week Six

Monday October 16th

WOW!  what happened over the weekend?  I guess I slept my way into the strongest start for a week yet, and amazingly it continued throughout the rest of the week!  I felt so strong and energetic and lively.  Rajashree taught in the morning and Bikram at night.  The room was very hot, but I was either too hot to notice or I have grown immune.  

My dialogues are getting stronger and my mind is more capable to remember the words, which is good because the pace of learning has increased.  


Again another remarkable day.  Emmy taught in the morning and Bikram at night. Both classes were hot and both were tolerable.  I just feel so great!  Very strong, my postures are improving as a result.  

Rajashree's Guru, Dr. Das, came from India and spoke to the class for two hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday about the physical aspects of "the yogas."  On Tuesday we learned about the "frozen shoulder" and what yoga postures to do to correct it.  

Dr. Das is a brilliant man and I was chosen as the cameraman/video department throughout his lectures.  Even that was not enough to keep me awake during his lectures.  Today (Thursday) I edited the Dr Das DVD collection.  Now you can own your very own copy of the scintilating Dr Das and his discourses on how yoga can cure any maladies (sic).


Another strong day.  While I still feel very strong, the fatigue of doing two classes a day has worn on my muscles and it is a struggle to maintain my growing strength.  Darius (from San Fran) taugh a boring yet tough class this morning.  This week was the maximum overload for visiting teachers.  We were introduced to over 20 teachers so far this week and some were very cool.  John Salvatore, a studio owner from New York City taught the afternoon class and had the students in uproarious laughter.  Besides being a yoga instructor he is in the recent Broadway musical Hairspray and used his energy to deliver a funny and inspiring class.  He also did a 10 minute stand up routine afterwards as a warmup for Bikrams night lecture.  Oh no.

This time he lectured from 8:30 pm untill 12:30am, letting us get some sleep in comparison to Friday night's debauchery.  There is no way to recreate Bikram's lectures.  I wish i could invite you all to see the rediculous magnificence that is Bikram, the Mafia Yogi.  


(wearing traditional Yoga garb, our young yogi practices the Fish Pose)

Thursday was another terrific day.  Morning class was with Rajashree.  I had another incredibly strong day, the morning was better than the evening, but i could still feel the strength wavering in the morning,.  There was a lot of energy in the room because people were excited about the end of the week, but many people were weak from classes all week long.  

Bikram taught the evening class, but one of his long-time students gave him a Rolls Royce limosine (only one in the world) to restore and it arrived in the beginning of class and so a teacher who was taking his class was instructed to get up and finish the remainder.  Bikram Peeked his face in the side door and let anyone who wanted to take a look at his new prized posssesion.  The soft spot in Bikram's heart is for nice cars.  


Friday morning class was the best class yet.  Luke, a recovered drug addict from Texas told the story in morning class of how yoga saved his life.  Tom has also written a wonderful yoga blog with other pictures and in depth stories (he is a writer).  But, i have never heard any teacher get such an ovation after a class as we gave to Luke.  almost 5 minutes after class was over, everyone was still clapping and shouting, some were crying because of Luke's story.  It was purely amazing.  Bikram taught class at night and that took about 45 minutes longer than a normal class, but he let us go home after so it was all good.  Strangely, my only weak class was the last one with Bikram, but im not complaining.  9 great classes in a week is more than I had ever hoped.

(Jaime Corbitt demonstrating Awkward Pose in posture clinic)