7. Week Four

Week four whoa nelly. 


wow.  Monday was hard, they got the heaters fixed.  And Tuesday was even worse.  Well, Monday morning class was not too bad, but for some reason by the end of the day i felt like a Ureter, to use the terminology of Dr. T's anatomy class.  You see, all day i drink water and then sweat it all out, the liquid goes thru me, similar to a ureter.  Plus, I am just getting sore more quickly after the weekend with every passing week.  Alas, everyone feels much the same.  

I've got some good ictures from the weekend.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, Oct 11th

 Yowzas.  Hot in the morning hot at night.  It truly becomes a mental game of "I'm Doing Great!"  Just keep telling yourself how good you feel and soon you will feel that good.  Its quite amazing.  If you act happy even when you are very upset, you will begin to feel happy.  Mind over matter.  

Side note:  it is fantastic how many wonderful people there are at training and how its just so easy to continuaously make new freinds.  A simple "hello" may get you a new Italian freind named Martzio, you never know. 

Thursday, Oct 12th!

Ok.  So morning class was hot.  Really hot.  Well, as they say, "it's not hot, YOU'RE hot."  So, I was REALLY hot this morning, and feeling pretty dead.  Like dead, dead.  Evening class was just as hot, but I decidedc to use my English Bulldog Determination (as Bikram would say) to excell through the class, and boy was that hard.  At one point during class, while laying down, I fell asleep for about 20 seconds and that sure did rejuvenate me!  To make matters even better, I fell asleep at the end of class during meditation and just felt fantastic when I awoke!

Thursday nights are special because there is a wonderful farmers market across the street from the yoga college that stays open an extra hour because of the influx of yogis during training.  HUNGRY YOGIS.  I love the farmers market!  So many wonderful foods, drinks, meals, lots of yogis just havin fun.  

After dinner of course is more posture clinic.  By this time my euphoria from sleep had worn and my body recognized that i was incredibly sore, tierd and feeling like poopoo.  I was not very awake either, plus my sandle broke.   A dramatic shift was about to occur.

The groups split as usual and group two (DUECE!) was with group six.  The posture of the evening: Balancing Stick.  Tuladandasana, aka Balancing Stick, is a short, powerful pose where you stand on one leg and bring your body wond with arms up and from the side you look like a T.  At the end of the Balanceing Stick dialogue you shout at your students to keep them in the posture for ten seconds.  Group 2 and 6 just rallied and the excitement was contageous.  With everyone who delivered their dialogue the energy grew more and more.  Everyone was chanting and screaming and cheering, it was amazing.  One girl, who has tremble, delivered an amazing dialogue and recieved a standing ovation, it is breathtakingly inpiring to see what she goes through and to see what she has accomplished.  I got to say, today was a good day.  

Friday Oct 13th,

Spooky, Friday the Thirteenth.  Well, it wasn't as spooky as it was really hot in class. Rajashree taught this morning and didnt open the doors, grrrrrrrrr.  There are about 8 rows in the yoga room that go about 40 people wide and each class the groups rotate who is in which line.  This week Group Duece was toward the front of the room = less air from open doors and they were opening the doors, so when it was our turn in the back and Rajashree kept the doors closed Adam was not happy.   Poor ADAM. 

Oh well.  After Class Dr. Anne Marie Bennstrom, world renowned spiritual leader, came and spoke beautifully to our class for about 3 hours.  She could look at a person for 2 seconds and know almost everything about their lifeand what kind of person they were.  She spoke about body Chakras and spiritual healing through physical work.  Amazing.  

Evening class was Bikram.  He opened the back door so it was a good class.  hahaha.  Everyone else in the class not near the doors was HURTIN'.  We got some burritos after class and then came back for Bikram's infamous yoga lecture.  It was our first real lecture where he was following curriculum and speaking about yoga in a formal way.  He spoke from 8:30pm untill 1:00 am with only two short pee breaks in between, wow.  His story telling ability is remarkable, but to 300 dead tierd yogis, it was barely enough to keep us awake all ight.  Luckily Craig wasn't around to wake unsuspecting nappers, as is his life's joy.  Here's looking foward to a relaxing weekend!~  CHEERS!