6. Week THREE



Week Four

Monday, October 2nd, 2006 

(demonstrating backward bending to the crowd and Amir

Today, was hot.  But not too hot.  The doors are now staying closed for every class, so the point is moot to stay near them.  The better idea is to train mentally to accept the heat and even learn to enjoy it.  Surprisingly, this is not so  difficult.  I have been able to summon the calming forces to alleviate the mental strain that the heat causes.  The heat is not what is causing the strain, but rather it is my own mental process.  Now, when the heat begins to pound on my mental door I summon the calm and we discover why the heat is lovely and what is feels like to relax in submission while lying on the floor.  This is truly what the yoga is about.  And sweating a lot.  

 Wednesday, Oct 4th Baby!

Tuesday was much cooler than Monday, and all I really remember was that i was comming down with a sore throat and other cold symptoms.  Not Good.  So I started taking thousands of milligrams of vitamin C as our Anatomy Professor, Doctor T, suggested.  Doctor T is lovingly nicknamed Dr. Zzz's because of his inability to keep the students awake.  So, approximately 5000 mgs later I was feeling much better.  

Wednesday, body real sore, sleep not good, Adam tierd.  Vitamin C is still in heavy rotation.  There are many students who have come down with full blown cold symptoms, luckilly my diet and vitamin regiment is keeping my cold at bay.  For some unknown reason the both classes today were not hot.  People were happy and confuzed.  although the heat lovers were miffed.    

Friday, Oct 6th

Thursday was a bit warmer than the early part of the week, but not too bad.  One nice thing about taking so many classes at the world headquarters is that they have many teachers come visit and teach.  We have had at least 10 to 15 different teachers come and do their thing, which is nice because it helps us to see all the different ways to teach.  Latisha, a visiting teacher from Santa Fe, taught and had the whole class in uproarious laughter.  Some students didnt like such a ebulient display of yoga instruction, however, others, like myself thoroughly enjoyed the class and gave her a standing ovation when class was over.  Back in Rhode Island every class is a laugh riot with plenty of chatter to boot.  Of course, Yoga Concepts in Cranston is in a league of their own.  

Friday (today) I woke up in a haze of misery.  This week was a steady decline from fit to faltering with sickness comming on and fatigue setting its icy grip upon my flexible frame.  With the help of tens of thousands of vitamin C and positive thinking I made it to the end of the week with only survival in mind.  Unfortunately the morning teacher had a peircing voice that broke my ear drum, but allowed me the possibility to concentrate on my peaceful state of mind despite utter hatred.  The day rolled by nicely, the beautiful fall days in LA are spectacularly clear and comfortable, sky always blue.  300 people frenzied to study thier dialogue and there was an air of impending relief because it was FRIDAY and nothing could change that.

The 300 students split into smaller groups so that we can recite our memorized dialogue in front of the group and experience what it is like teaching a class (aka posture clinic).  I love the experience because I glow in the spotlight and love to take every chane to speak in front of people, but some people dont feel exactly the same, who knew?  I fell asleep in posture clinic today three times, wierd dreams, hot room, lack of sleep, lots of people sitting on the floor, reclining, hazy mind.  Finally I awoke to my own vicious snoring and decided it was time to get in front of the class and recite my version of the Eagle pose.  

The visiting teacher was a 30 something year-old from Brazil, who also happens to be the owner of Shakti Yoga Wear (a very famous yoga brand).  My group, group two (DUECE, DUECE, DUECE!), is arguably the most laid back and lazy group and we just dont really stress too much.  But, imagine their delight when i start flapping and cawing like an eagle in front of the class before I recite my dialogue.  I love group two.  

Usually Craig, the  number two guy behind Bikram, is teaching evening class on friday nights.  He is notorious for his six  minute Awkward Series, so imagine our delight when Juan stepped into the classroom and began the class.  Juan generally sits behind the front desk and keeps to himself.  An unassuming 30-year-old hispanic fellow, at first glance you would think that he's just shy.  When he stepped into the room it was like a tornado with a moustache was teaching class.  He barraged the class with rapid-machine-gun fire  dialogue and didnt stop nor slow untill class was over.  Spouting about 200 words a minute he wooed and wowed the class with humor, toughness, insight and compassion.  It was utterly remarkable and possibly the best class I have ever attended.  He recieved a standing ovation and doubly so when he announced that we could go home after class and not suffer another posture clinic before the weekend.  There is really no way to describe the feeling when you have just had the most amazing class coupled with the best news ever.  simply amazing, pure joy. 

 Namaste People.