5. Week TWO

After a enjoyable weekend, the pain starts again (with a vengeance) 


6. Week THREE

Storm Trooper, Myself and Darth

This weekend was a nice chance to relax, have some fun and unwind.  I went to Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Blvd, the Chinese Theater and had some fun with the Star Wars gang.  LA is a crazy city!

Monday was tough, they cranked up the heat and I was surprised how well I did.  Not everyone was fresh from their weekend and many were quite sore.  Luckilly, my body was feeling good and limber.  

Tuesday was another tough day.  It's amazing how the days crawl by so slowly, but at the end of the day it seems to have just dissapeared.  Bikram's wife Rajashree taught class, she is so tender and her voice is so soothing and wonderful to listen to.  She is by far my favorite instructor so far.  Bikram is still hilarious.  His stories keep getting more and more unbeleiveable.  He has trained so many movie and sports stars as well as politicians and socialites.  

Wednesday, September 28th, 2006

It was another tough day today.  Morning class was good because they had the doors opened slightly the whole time and because Rajashree taught.  My postures are all getting better and stronger and I can hold them long.  It is hard to gauge how hard to try because you want to save energy for the evening class, but you also want to do your best.  Evening class was with Craig.  Craig is the toughest teacher because he is demanding and doesnt let you get away with much.  "Hey, tall guy in the back with the curly hair."  He called me to correct my triangle.  His awkward pose is notoriously long, but my leg strength is improving rapidly so I am nearly able to hold the entire 2 minutes!  Class in the evening was scorching hot, but I am getting more used to it and was even surprised when Craig opened the back doors during the separate leg head to knee (floor) pose.  Even though by then the class is nearly over, it is a welcomed relief to feel the cool air. 

One of the most amazing things is how well the Japanese students, who know zero English, are able to memorize the dialogue for the postures in English!  It is quite remarkable and inspirational, but it's nearly tourture to listen to 60 Japanese stumble through the dialogue one after the other.  AHHHHHHHHH!!

Saturday, Sept 30th, 2006

Thursday was a tough day.  Morning class was nice, the doors wide open.  I have been able to get the same spot the second row from the door so as to get air when the door is open, but not be too cold. I have mostly the same neighbors setting up their mats nearby.  We are the back door crew.  It is getting continuously easier to replenish electrolytes betwen classes and refuel and rest before afternoon class.  

Thurday night was the toughest class yet!  Amir, a visiting teacher has the physique of a Greek God and the instruction power of a Black Mussolini.  The doors stayed closed the ENTIRE class for the first time yet.  I pushed, struggled, fought and motivated myself through his grueling and intense classs, feeling absolutely exhausted and revitalized when it was over.  

Friday started with Rajashree, my fav.  Unfortunately my body felt as if it had been tourtured the night before, but once I warmed up we were back in business.  Dr. Lillian Glass, the voice instructor for movie stars like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, spoke to us about voice control for our teaching classes.  Emmy, the eldest yoga instructor, taught us about pain and what it means in different stages and how to react to it.  

Friday night class was tough.  Craig didnt open the doors untill some unconscious person started yelling the Lord's Prayer during a posture.  Pandemonium ensued when the delerious gentleman was unresponsive to requests for him to be calm.  He was escorted out of the room and medical attention followed while class continued with a bit of confuzion.  Thank GOD ITS SATURDAY!