4. Week One

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines 


5. Week TWO 

Monday, Sept 18th, 2006

We got our parking passes, listened to lots of jibber jabber today about training and ettiquite.  BIKRAM SPOKE!  It was a lot of fun because he is such an energetic guy, full of positive energy and very funny.  Coupled with his tremendous life experiences and Indian humor it made his introduction very warm and welcoming. 

 The first class was sweltering.  But, they were going easy on us for the first week and so opened the doors midway through.  The yoga room is large, but we could barely fit in the three hundred plus yogis in the room.  We ate after class then were regaled by the stories of Baba Rampuri, the first caucaisian to be inducted into the Aruvedic Yogi sect in the Himalayas.  It was a treat to hear him speak, but after a long day we just wanted to go home and sleep.  Of course tomorrow is two classes and will be an interesting scene.  Pictures and quotes are to come soon!


Tuesday, Sept 19th, 2006

WHOA!  Two classes today, yowzers.  What a challenge!  I thought that since I've been to Back-to-back classes before I would have a leg up (get it?) on my training here, but such is not the case.  With 300 peole in the room it seems that my oxygen has been sucked out, luckily they have been opening the side doors every class and I have likewise situated myself in proximity.  

Sleep is my greatest accomplice now.  No troubles yet.  The group seems to be a wonderful, tight-nit community focused on survival and more importantly, group survival.  Morale is high, supplies are ample.  I feel like this is a ship capitain's journal, haha.  


Wednesday! Sept 20th, 2006

BooYah!  Slowly figuring out how many and what type of electrolytes my body needs after each grueling class.  These classes are crazy hard and excruciatingly fun, and I feel like a wet kleenex after each one.  But after some pedialyte, coca-cola, gatorade, bananas, food and rest I'm back in business!  Yay!

Bikram is a fantastic entertainer and an incredible yogi.  He loves to tell rediculous stories of his childhood and show off his physical prowess, which is remarkable.   



Wow!  Somehow we made it through the week and escaped all the better.  Thursday morning class was the toughest so far.  My breathing was labored, my muscles fatigued, class was just difficult and I had to lay down for most of the time.  The afternoon class was easier as I concentrated on breathing slow and taking it easy.  But after class was over I didnt think I would be able to get upmove, eat or  drive home so I lay in the classroom with so many othersin the same predicament-like destitute drug addicts so destroyed by our severe lifestyle that we just lay in pain and await death or hospitalization.  Alas, 20 minutes later I was shoveling food into my mouth as quickly as possible.

It is hard to explain the feeling you get after such an intense and grueling day.  It is like coplete energy depletion combined with being thrown into a washing machine then being hung out to dry.  So I guess it feels like a bed sheet.  Only time, rest and nutrients can replenish the energy and vitality that one hopefully has before class.

Somehow, Friday was incredible.  My breathing was slow and deliberate, calming my heart rate and allowing me better control and meditation during the long, arduous battle.   WEEKEND BABY!