3. Orientation Day

 Sunday Sept 17th, 2006


1. Pre-Training 

2. City of Angels 

The Day Before Orientation.

 Tom has season tickets the Hollywood Bowl, a marvelous orchestral venue that attracts world renowned symphonies as well as contemporary pop bands.  Last night was the culmination of Jon Muacheri's 16 year career as official conductor of the Hollywood Bowl.  It was an amazing performance, fitting for the retirement of one of the world's most loved conductors.  They played scores from Wagner to Danny Elfman and Gershwin, and had beautiful voice accompanyments such as Kristen Chenowith, Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog.  Not to mention fireworks.  

The venue itself is carved into the side of one of LA's georgous hills near the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign.  17,000 people showed to bid their beloved conductor a warm farewell and I just happened to be lucky enough to get box seats!

Tom and Mark at the Bowl

Sunday, Sept 17th, 2006.

Orientation began today around 1pm.  Three Hundred plus people packed into the the giant Yoga room at the World Headquarters. Two-Hundred and fifty Females plus 60 males = Lots of studying.  Oh well, so we met some of the teachers, I met a lot of freindly people, many of whom were from California, but others from the Mid-West, East Coast, Japan and I'm sure there are many more to meet from elsewhere.  Everyone was excited to be there and freindly and talkative, so it definately feels like its going to be a wonderful experience.   

Class starts tommorow, and Bikram will deliver his Orientation speach.  As for tonight, I feel as if there is nothing to do in preparation besides get a good nights sleep and relax.  Maybe study some dialogue.  Maybe watch a movie.  Yea, Movie time.

Much Love, Adam