Welcome to the wonderful land known as, "eight" 


Week 9?!?!?!?!

 Monday, Nov 6th

 Yay!  This week started about 100 times better than last week ended!  My body felt great monday morning fresh from the weekend.  Lots of lazing by the pool this weekend surely helped my body say, "word up!"  The wonderfull 80 degree sunny days lure yogis to the pool in flocks.  They mostly memorize dialouge, but some like to just relax.

Francesca taught Mon morn.  She was quite inspirational.  A tall, dark skinned, dreadlocked, 30-something, British maven who brought such power and enthusiasm to an otherwise wretched occasion.  Everyone loved her.  Many people who were doing so well last week were strugling this week and needed the extra encouragement.  She recieved an amazing applause after class was over.

The temperature rose well into the 80s and stagnated the already putrid swamp that is the yoga room.  Rajashree taught a lecture, which I videotaped (since I am the official audio/visual man) for the yoga college.  Rajashree has a wealth of knowledge about the yogas and the health benefits.  Unfortunately, that coupled with my duty to operate the camera equipment could not keep me awake in the 90 degree swamp.  Oh well.  I will just wait till the DVD comes out! hahaha!

Night class was taught by Minnesota native Martha Williams.  She owns the studio that I first began yoga at!  And she was actually pregnant at the time and taking yoga class while I was only first discovering the true meaning of Bikram yoga.

 (Loungin' by the pool at the Oakwood yogi apartaments)

Tuesday Nov 7th

Emmy taught yesterday morning.  She had tremendous knowledge to impart on the willful yogis.  She has been teaching yoga for over 36 years and taking yoga for over 56 years.  Yea.  Thats Emmy.  She also has this old school was of pounding trainees into the ground with no pity.  Most students love her because of her warm nature and hip-grandma-yogini attitude.  But nothing brightens up a room like when a stubborn student gets Emmy to swear.  "Can't you do anything right, shit.  Oh look, you made me curse."

Jefferson Parker taught Tuesday night.  Not the most amazing teacher, but he did have an incredible story.  Once weighing over 300 pounds, he started taking yoga and going to Bikram seminars where Bikram would teach large classes.  In a desparate attempt to run out of the yoga room where Bikram was teaching, Jefferson was stopped by Bikram who said, "you do yoga everyday and I will give your life back."  Jefferson now owns two studios has survived stage 3 liver cancer and weighs under 200 pounds. 

Wednesday Nov 8th

Rajashree taught Wed morn.  Allways a good class.  The group just loves Raj, her warmth, her love, her knowledge and silly humor.  This whole week has been 100 times better than Week 7 (last week).  It is really so wierd how one week will be great for some people, but terrible for others.  The Temperature was taken today at 118 degrees unofficially.  Approx 45 C for the metric fans (so un-american).  

Wonderful news came today about the Senate and Rumsfeld.  WooHoo!  It's funny to be sequestered away from society and then learn about some great news that everyone else cares about, this does not impress a yogi.  haha.

Kick ass dialoge tonight.  Probably my best ever.  Really spanked it and kicked ass.  YES!  I feel fantastic about doing the dialogue and still nervous about the first class I will teach.  I am sure that it will be anything like a normal class I attend with a twist....I am at the helm.

Craig taught Wed night.  Always a powerful class.  Craig is the ringleader while Bikram is away.  He is one of the senior teachers at the Headquarters.  Full of knowledge and amazing abilities to bullshit a crowd into the ground.  He holds the second set of awkward pose for a minute, which feels like 10 minutes when you are in the posture and only a few people can hold it.  I have lasted about 30 seconds.  Impressive.

Thursday Nov 9th

Carol taught Thrusday morning.  She has been teaching for about 30 years.  Old-school.  Like all the old-school teachers she has the old school swagger-off-the-cuff teaching dialogue mixed with tremendous knowledge of the postures and health benefits.  She really had the class laughing at a few points while her information and demonstrations led the class about 25 minutes over.  I really enjoy the old-school teachers because they remind me of Mary Ann, my home teacher back in Cranston. 

Thursday night was Leslie, the first yoga champion at the International Championships 3 years ago.  She had a great energetic class, exactly 90 minutes, and the group generally loves the quick, high-energy classes. 

Friday Nov 10th

Rajashree taught this  morning and demonstrated how pregnant women can take the class.  The important things are to not do front side compressions and allow the pregnant yogini to be comfortable and relaxed.  They can do most of the postures.  General rules; stay near the door for cooler temperatures and extra oxygen.  Seperate the knees for certain postures.  Women who have never taken yoga before should not practice during the first trimester.  However, there are many yoginis that are experienced and can do almost every posture perfectly while pregnant, but it is not condoned. 

The final posture clinic was today.  PRAISE GOD.  Each of the 6 groups picked 3 members to represent at the final showdown.  Since the beginning we have been delivering the dialogue in front of 3 groups maximum in our separate rooms.  For the final display, we were all together and the 18 representatives stood upon the head podium to deliver in front of the whole crowd.  Guess who was volunteered by group Deuce?  

Final Dialogue: Spine Twisting Pose

I was handed the headset microphone and placed it over my hair resting on my ears.  The crowd had already started to caw.  Ever since Eagle Pose (5 weeks ago) I have recieved eagle cries of love for each time I step up to the plate for dialogue.  Now, the room was full with all eyes on me and the Eagle was about to land. 

To get up onto Bikram's podium you must climb a short, wobly set of steps-something only teachers do.  This was a new territory.  Looking down on the demonstrators and the crowd from the podium with the microphone on my head was a humbling, empowering and wonderful experience.  I love being in front of so many people with their undivided atention.  I knew they were in for a big surprise, and they were all hoping for a big surprise.  

Cameras were flashing, film was roling and I was instructing the final spinal posture.  I had practiced enough and so I was confident and calm, yet highly excited underneath because of what I had planned.  I made it to the last line then paused, looked down at my pocket and with a upset facial expression pulled the cell phone out of my pants as if it had been ringing.  Now, it is bad enough to even bring a cell phone into the yoga room since they are prohibited from the meditational space, and if someone happened to be ringing at a pivitol moment the utmost scorn and eye daggers would be directed directly.  And there I was, teaching the final posture, answering my cell phone.  

Of course, no one was on the other line, but most people were scared to death for me because (as they told me afterward) they thought I was.  

"Hello?  Oh, Bikram!"  (uproarious laughter)

"I can't talk to you right now." (in a more hushed tone now) 

"No, I'm in the middle of posture clinic."

"NO, I won't put you on speakerphone!" (the crowd hits the roof)

I then hung up on Bikram and finished the posture to a standing ovation.  And the look on Craig's face; priceless.  I hope to have the whole scene online shortly for all my fans.  Love, Adam.