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Me dressed for a men's choir concert in college in the fall of 2013. 

graduation from high school in 2007

This is me about to walk the stage in high school-- class of 2007!

Walking the stage-- high school class of 2007
Walking the stage in high school-- class of 2007!

Bobcat Marching band 2009
This is me in the Texas State University Bobcat Marching Band in the fall of 2009 on alto saxophone

Texas State University graduating class of 2014. Over 900 graduates, and the most in the history of the college of fine arts and communication! 

Here is my Texas State University graduation photo that I had taken right after I walked the stage--Class of 2014!

Me walking the stage at Texas State University--Class of 2014!

Chris Fuentes, my best friend, with me at my graduation commencement in 2014

Me in the spring of 2013 after a concert band performance at Texas State University

My parents and me at my spring of 2013 band concert

In Austin in the spring of 2016 at the Colorado river and Barton Creek intersection

At Rio Vista Park in San Marcos, Texas in the fall of 2016

At Zilker Park in the spring of 2016 in Austin, TX

Super Mario Brothers Theme by Koji Kondo

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