About Links

Here is some more of me on the web. You will find some videos of me on Youtube, as well as other professional information, such as blogs.


Here is my blog page, where I add various musical documents which relate to my career as a musician. I will keep you posted on new blogs. You can find my biography here, as well as some instructional material.

Business Facebook Page

This page is where you can sign up for saxophone lessons, and find out more about my saxophone tutoring services.


Here is where all of my career related information is located. This is where you will find my professional and educational experience, as well as important connections whom I know. I use my Linkedin to connect to other musicians, and I have connected to co-workers as well.

Professional Facebook

Here is where you will find updates to my current status as a musician. I post videos and statuses regularly, and I network with other musicians. I also update you on upcoming events in my musical career.

Professional Myspace

This is where I have compiled much of my music into three playlists--"My Compositions," "Saxophone Performances by Adam Brucks" and "Piano Arrangements by Adam Brucks." It has only allowed me to upload a certain amount of music files, so you can also check out my Youtube as well.


Here is my Youtube, where you will find videos of my music, as well as some other educational informative videos. Some of the videos are comedy, while others are musical entertainment. If you want to rate, subscribe, and/or like my videos, you may do so here!