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Large Ensemble

The Realm of Superheroes [Grade 2.5 Concert Band]

Adam Boll  -  View Score 
This exciting work captures the drama, power, and brooding intensity that is characteristic of many of today's "superhero" film scores. The orchestration techniques allow even a young band to sound like a mature ensemble. An expanded percussion section allows up to 8 students to play their own part without any doubling (although doubling is still possible, as well as omitting certain parts if necessary). Players of all instruments will feel that their part is important, ensuring that everyone enjoys this piece!

Bottom of the Ninths [Grade 1.5+ Concert or Marching Band]

Antonin Dvorak; Ludwig Van Beethoven / Arranged by Adam Boll - View Score 
Written with the needs of a second-year band in mind, this arrangement works well both on stage and in parade marching. Students and audiences love the powerful, recognizable melodies, and it's a great introduction to two cornerstones of orchestral repertoire. A challenging, high-energy marching percussion section accompanies the winds, although this piece may be performed using only concert percussion if desired.

Beer Barrel Polka [Grade 2.5 - 3+ Marching Band]

Jaromír Vejvoda / Arranged by Adam Boll  -  View Score 
Almost everyone knows this polka which is so popular that it is sung in more than a dozen languages worldwide. This arrangement is scored for maximum power with all parts covered by multiple instruments which makes it a great choice if you have a small or inexperienced band. Ranges are playable by most middle-school-level students and the traditional key change at the chorus has been eliminated in this version. Optional 8va suggestions are written into the flute and trumpet parts for advanced ensembles.

Piano Concerto No. 1, Mvt. I [Grade 3.5 Concert Band Accomp.]

Felix Mendelssohn / Arranged by Adam Boll  -  View Score 
The first movement of this concerto has been carefully arranged to showcase a piano soloist alongside the concert band. The accompaniment should be playable even by less-experienced bands, and care has been taken in scoring the piece to prevent the winds from ever overpowering the piano. A piano part with corresponding measure numbers is included for ease of rehearsal with soloist.

Overture to The Barber of Seville [Grade 4.5+ Woodwind Ens.]

Gioachino Rossini / Arranged by Adam Boll  -  View Score 
Musicians and audiences alike will recognize themes from Rossini's famous opera overture. This arrangement stays true to most of the composer's original lines while making small adaptations that make the piece much more accessible for a large woodwind ensemble. The key (F major / F minor) keeps this arrangement within the reach of most high school ensembles. Optional parts are provided in order to accommodate the instrumentation needs of smaller or larger groups and important musical material in the oboe, bassoon, and alto clarinet parts is cross-cued for other instruments.

Queen of the Night Aria [Grade 4.5+ Woodwind Ens.]

Wolfgang Mozart / Arranged by Adam Boll
 - View Score 

The fast-paced and emotionally intense aria from Mozart's opera, Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute), is now available for woodwind choir! This arrangement takes full advantage of the many tonal colors of the large woodwind ensemble. It incorporates optional parts for two French horns and timpani in order to capture the drama of Mozart's original work, but this arrangement can still be performed without horns and percussion to great satisfaction. The E-flat clarinet (alternate part for B-flat clarinet) is featured on many of the recognizable coloratura soprano lines throughout the piece. Performers and audiences alike will enjoy this well-known piece!

Aragonaise from Carmen [Grade 4.5+ Brass & Percussion Ens.]

Georges Bizet / Arranged by Adam Boll  -  View Score 
The fiery Spanish rhythms and melodies in this Prelude to Act IV of Bizet's opera, Carmen, are captured authentically in this arrangement for brass and percussion ensemble. Students will enjoy the musical challenges and directors can take advantage of many teaching opportunities presented by this piece. Percussion parts may be assigned flexibly to accommodate more or fewer students as needed.

Dance of the Hours [Grade 4 - 4.5 Brass & Percussion Ens.]

Amilcare Ponchielli / Arranged by Adam Boll - View Score 
Students and audiences will immediately recognize the catchy themes in this piece that were popularized by Fantasia's dancing hippos (you might also know it as "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh"). There's a chance to feature a tuba player on the melody (!) at the beginning of this theme as well. Brass and percussion students will enjoy the technical challenges presented by the final theme (often featured in cartoons) when even the triangle player shares in the fun!

Florentiner March [Grade 4.5 - 5 Brass & Percussion Ens.]

Julius Fucík / Arranged by Adam Boll  -  View Score 
One of Fucik's greatest works (described as an "Italian Grand March"), this staple of British brass band literature is now available for American brass ensembles. Optional, but highly recommended percussion parts are included for maximum effect. This arrangement stays faithful to the original score while providing opportunities to include a piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn in your ensemble for extra color if they are available. This is a fantastic concert opener or closer!

Chorale from Jupiter [Grade 3.5 French Horn Quartet]

Gustav Holst / Arranged by Adam Boll  -  View Score 
Holst's majestic and moving chorale from The Planets works wonderfully at weddings, graduation ceremonies, and other concerts.  This arrangement for horn quartet includes an optional accompaniment for pipe organ (or piano) which adds to the beauty and power of the music. While range, key, and other elements are kept appropriate for intermediate horn students, even professionals will appreciate the quality of this arrangement.

Chorale from Jupiter [Grade 3.5 Brass Quintet]

Gustav Holst / Arranged by Adam Boll  -  View Score 

Holst's majestic and moving chorale from The Planets works wonderfully at weddings, graduation ceremonies, and other concerts. This arrangement for brass quintet includes an optional accompaniment for pipe organ (or piano) which adds to the beauty and power of the music.

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