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Nice ... Things people have said about me:

April 16, 2019 (on One-Room Kingdom)
"...Balbo [has a] penchant for pop melody ... the songs on on this collection ... suck you into a vortex of righteous self-deprecation and existential dread ... a bitter, biting sense of humor ... cynical stoner street poetry ... entertaining throughout and often hummable as hell."

Song By Toad (Scotland, UK)
June 9, 2009 (on Fix)
"Adam Balbo comes across for all the world as an exiled New York anti-folker. His music settles slap bang in the middle of territory most well know for the likes of Jeffrey Lewis and Lach, and I am hence just a little surprised why Balbo himself doesn’t get anything like the same amount of credit"

Bay Bridged, (CA, USA)
March 24, 2015 (on Demons)
"Balbo channels all the crass irony, cynicism and gnawing doubt of a generation into sometimes hilarious, sometimes haunting tunes."

SF Rebirth, (CA, USA)
May 26, 2011 (on Refried Nosalgia)
"… classic rock-style songs and deadpanning nonsensical and confrontational anti-folk lyrics over them .... The gritty production, …  heightens the humor by making it ever-so-subtly more difficult to discern what’s going on. ... funny, ironic, and above all, a good time."

June 27, 2010 (on Fix)
"... honest, in the vain of Kimya Dawson or Paul Baribeau, with a slight dash of Andrew Jackson Jihad’s spunk that keeps things from ever closing in on bland... an easy and fantastic listen, an album anchored on realistic storytelling..."

Radio and podcasts:

9th Floor Radio (Oakland, California)
ALEX Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Drinks With Tony (San Francisco, California)
Jaan's World (Philadelphia, PA)
KALX (Berkeley, California)
KCSB (Santa Barbara, California)
KDVS (Davis, California)
KKUP, “No Pigeonholes” (Cupertino, California)
KPSU, “Live Friday” (Portland, Oregon)
KSPC, “The Mix” (Claremont, California)
KXLU, “Demolisten" (Los Angeles, California)
NBT Music Radio (Cologne, Germany)
Nefarious Bovine Radio (New York, New York)
Punk Rock Demonstration (Los Angeles, California)
Radio Marabu (Belm, Germany)
RDU (Christchurch, New Zealand)
The SoupyGato Show (Breda, Netherlands)
The Toadcast (Edinburgh, UK)
The Waiting Room (Edinburgh, UK)
WBOI, “Little Brother Radio" (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
WXIN (Providence, Rhode Island)
WZRD (Chicago, Illinois)