Born and raised in a suburb of rust-belt Indiana, I've been writing songs since the age of 16. Studied history and literature at Indiana University at Bloomington. Now, after three years working and studying China, I am based in Oakland, California. 

Since 2005, I've been on around a dozen regional US tours. I've written five home-recorded and seven studio albums, probably around 150 songs. My music has bits of American folk revival, DIY folk, anti-folk; rock and roll, garage rock, and punk; blues, country, and early R&B; rap and traditional pop.

Current band: 
Adam Balbo (vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Mr. Andrew (drums)
Jon Moyer (electric bass)
PJ Bottoms (tenor saxaphone)

Past members:
Michael Loebs (drums)
Jeanne Foss (vocals, whistle)
Fancy Dan (electric guitar)
Laura Mahan (keyboard)
Sara Lautman (electric bass)