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Along with our ceremony and reception on Friday, October 16th, we are having a traditional Vietnamese ceremony at my parent's house followed by a reception on Sunday, October 18th.  I am very excited to share my Vietnamese culture with my Fiance, his family, and our friends.  Below are ideas, details, and traditions that will be incorporated into the day.


Ao Dai

   Here is what a traditional Vietnamese bridal gown (Ao Dai) looks like.  I am hoping to get a light yellow Ao Dai with gold beading.  Under the jacket and dress part are pants as well because the sides have large slits on them as seen on the blue dress on the right.  Dresses are usually very detailed with a lot of beading and embroidery.  The yellow/gold and red colors signify wealth and good luck.  Along with the dress, you also wear a headpiece as pictured below.  

 Below is what Adam's Ao Dai will look like - Blue with gold detailing. 



Here are some details of the traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony.  We will be incorporating all of these elements into our ceremony on Sunday.  Along with the below details there are also a lot of other superstitious factors that must be met including the ceremony ending by 12:00pm and it also must be on a lucky day determined by an astrologer using a  lunar calendar and bride and grooms' birth dates. 


Giving of the Gifts 

The groom's family first arrives at the bride's house and lines up outside with "wrapped" gifts (covered in red cloth)  including liquor, tea, fruit, jewelry for the bride, a full roasted pig, and other gifts for the brides family.  This signifies the wealth the groom's family brings to the bride's family.  After everyone is lined up outside, the groom's family presents the gift to the bride's family, then head inside.  

Here is a photos of my cousin's wedding.  This is the family lined up outside.

This the groom's family on the left giving the gifts to the bride's family on the right.  As you can the the guy is also holding a bouquet to give to his corresponding bridesmaid who is inside with the bride.  The groom and groomsmen will present the wedding party girls with their flowers.

Here is the brides family with all of the gifts including the full roasted pig.  

Here is what the gifts look like when they are considered wrapped. 


Tea Ceremony

The bride and groom see each other for the first time when the groom and his family enter the bride's house with the gifts.  The father or another appointed head of the family will lead the ceremony.  During the tea ceremony, the bride and groom will ask for permission from their ancestors by lighting incense at the alter, the heads of each family will give speeches, and the bride and groom will serve tea or wine to the parents and elders of the family.  

During this time, parents and elders will also offer their words of wisdom regarding marriage.  After the tea is presented, the gifts are opened.  Then the bride is also presented with gifts from the groom's family including diamonds and gold to show that they will offer wealth and good luck to the bride by joining thier family.  Here my cousin was presented with earrings, a necklace, a gold bar, and money to start her new life with her husband.

Then, each family greets the newly weds at the alter and presents them with a envelope/card (Vietnamese familys don't traditional give gifts, only money) and gives their advice to the couple.  


At the end of the ceremony, the bride's family gives half of each gift back so the groom's family can celebrate with the food, etc. too.  To signify that the gift has been opened, you place the red cloth back over half of it.  Traditionally, the two families will celebrate at their own respective homes with the bride going to the groom's house but ours will all take place at my parents house.