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February 13th, 2008 

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Adam’s Planning:  This December, Adam and I headed home to MN to spend time with our family and friends for the holidays.  One day I decided to have a girls day and suggested to Adam that he hang out with my little brother.  Who would have guessed that they would spend the afternoon picking out an engagement ring!  For almost two months the two of them kept the big purchase a secret. 

The Big Night:  Adam mentioned to me that he wanted to plan a special date the day before we headed to Minnesota.  The only hint that he gave me about the date was to dress my best.  He surprised me with a dinner cruise on The Oddessy, a boat cruise that I had always wanted to go on.  The night was filled with wonderful dancing, food, and sights.  After we had been dancing for some time, I decided I wanted to take a break and sit down.  As I was heading to the table the band mentioned that “Adam” had a special announcement.  Assuming that they were announcing some other Adam, I continued heading to our table.  Then my Adam stopped me and lead me to the dance floor.  I was so confused on what was going on I began looking around.  I turned back around to find him on one knee.  He asked, “Will you marry me?”  I was so excited I hugged him and put on the ring.  When I finally caught my breathe I said, “Yes!”  We spent the rest of the night dancing and celebrating.  The next day we got on a plane and flew home.  The opportunity to tell our family and friends in person was priceless.