Adam & Liz                                                                                     10.16.09

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Adam and I meet Spring 2005 while we were both attending the University of Minnesota - Duluth.  After the school year was over we went our separate ways back to our hometowns for the summer.  When we both came back for the follow year we starting spending time getting to know each other.  We soon became great friends and started dating.  On October 16th, 2005 we made our relationship official.  Over two years later we got engaged and are now planning our wedding!

We have chosen to get married on the same date we started dating.  It seemed fitting to keep that special date for the rest of our lives. 

Currently, Adam and I live in Washington, DC with our dog Ella.  Adam is a HS Social Studies teacher and baseball coach.  I work at a job placement agency.  We are loving it out here!