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Field Notes No. 21 (Jan 18,2012)

Wednesday, January 18, 1-2 pm. Sunny, strong west wind, Temp., 28 degrees F.

Although last night was cold, near zero degrees F., there was still a long narrow channel of open water in the south lake. The waterfowl were crowded around the open water in the southwest part of the lake. Last Sunday and Monday, the open water covered a third to half the lake. On Sunday, I estimated 2000 Canada Geese, several dozen Cackling Geese, about 100 mallards, and 1 unmarked Trumpeter Swan. The swan was not present on Tuesday when I visited the park briefly about 3 pm. Today, the flock seemed reduced somewhat but I was not able to take a good count. I did see the blue neck-banded Canada Goose from Minnesota.

I talked to someone who lives east of the park who told me that the geese had been feeding in a field near her house at night. Geese will often feed at night especially if there is a bright moon.

Other birds sighted today, American Crow (6), Red-tai! led Hawk (1), Song Sparrow (1), Tree Sparrow (2).

Three groups of ice fisherman were out on the north lake.

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