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Field Notes No. 02 (July 21, 2011)

From: eklaas@iastate.edu [mailto:eklaas@iastate.edu]
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2011 8:40 PM
Subject: Field Notes No. 2
Dear Friends:

Wolf and I and three others braved the heat last Sunday afternoon, July 17. Odonates love hot weather and we were rewarded with spotting 18 species of dragonflies and damselflies. We searched along the north shoreline of the north pond and then trekked up the hill to Jensen's Pond. We were fortunate to spot a flagtailed spiny leg perched on a rock near the water. This is the fourth year we have seen this colorful species at the park. We also saw a male double-striped bluet, a rare to uncommon species. We saw red and black saddlebag dragonflies along the trail. A lyretailed spreadwing was our best find at Jensen's Pond; this was the first spreadwing we have seen this summer.

On thursday, July 21, Wolf had planned a biking and birding outing in the evening. Just before six it began to rain. The shower, coming after the high temperatures we have been experiencing the last several days, was welcome along with the cooler temperatures it br! ought. Wolf was disappointed because he had been out earlier and saw several species of shorebirds in the wetlands on the west side. It is a little unusual to have these birds here at this time of year. Fall migrations normally don't start until the latter part of August.

Upcoming interpretive programs:

July 28: Jeff Kopaska, DNR fisheries biologist and Ames resident, will speak on urban fishery programs, including Hayden Park. 6 pm. Meet at the shelter on the north side.

July 31: Diane Debinski will lead a walk to find butterflies. 2 pm. Meet at the shelter on the north side.

August 4: Deb Lewis will identify prairie plants coming in bloom and compare burned and non-burned prairies on the south side. 6 pm. Meet at the parking lot off Harrison Road on the south side of the park near Stonebrooke.

Erv Klaas