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Field Notes No. 09 (Nov 22, 2011)

Friends of Ada Hayden Heritage Park:

About 100 Mallards on the South Lake today and 3 American Coots. I saw a Red-tailed Hawk that was very light in coloration. The tail was almost all white, only the end of the feathers were red.

It seems that no surface water is entering the lake. Constructed wetlands are mostly dry except for the southern complex near Stonebrooke. The shallow cove of the South Lake where the south wetlands drain into the lake had a green algal scum on the surface of the water. Because of the low water level the water in this cove is stagnant. In this same area, several large dead clam shells are visible in the mud along the shoreline. I collected a couple for identification.

You may have noticed that three new message boards have been erected near the three parking lots. Friends AHHP will be posting information in these soon.

Erv Klaas