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Field Notes No. 20 (Jan 11,2012)

January 10, 2011, 9:30-10:30 am, sunny, slight breeze from west, temperature 33 degrees F. Lakes frozen except for a small hole of open water in the south lake.

As I walked around the south lake this morning, small flocks of geese were coming in from the east and other flocks were leaving and flying southwest and north. The wind began to pick up and shifted to the north; clouds were on the horizon to the west and north. I saw a female Northern Harrier flying high heading north against the wind. After a few minutes, she turned and went south. Females in this species are brown and a bit larger than the gray males.

Remember the Canada Goose I mentioned in the last Field Note that had a blue neck band? Wolf Oesterreich was able to read the code. He reports that it was #536A. He reported it and learned that the goose is a female banded on 6 July 2007 at Rochert, Minnesota, by Douglas E. McArthur, who is with the White Earth Reservation. Wolf has seen McArthur's blue bands at the park before.

Wolf further reports that the number of waterfowl today (1/11/12) was greatly reduced, with the addition of a male American Black Duck.

All the branches & twigs from the "Restless By Nature" exhibit were hauled off today.

Erv Klaas