Tyravel Manor Redone

   Now with carpet! 

Name  Tyravel Manor Redone

Category  Houses
Full Categories  Houses
Version  1.0
Requires  Tribunal and Bloodmoon

This mod changes the Old Tyravel Manor. Tyravel Manor always was a little dull, and pointless, so I made this to make it much better. There is now a master Bedroom, a sort of pool room (or bathroom), and an Alchemy Lab.

Also changes the entrance room, giving a mini-dining room, some racks for wine, a fireplace and Instruments, and a sort of sitting area. At Princess Stompers suggestion, I have added a guest room.

Thanks to all the Members of the Morrowind Sumit Feedback team. Your infomation is valuble. I have changed most of the bugs from Hlaalo Manor, and added all of your suggestions.

Hlaalo Textures are Balmora Smores

Download from Planet Elder Scrolls