The Asti Voyage

      A Split House Boat 

Shivering Isles - Small House Boat
Location: North of Split, South of Fetid Grove. On the bridge that links the towns together (Shivering Isles)

Rooms: The Rooms include a Study type room, a Mini-Library (one full bookshelf, the rest unfurnished so you can fill them yourself - complete with armor statues from New Sheoth), a small room full of Display Cases, a Dining Room (with new containers for storage with an extended room), a Small Bedroom, a Master Bedroom and a Cargo Hold.

Storage: Crates, bookcases and chests are found all over the boat. There is a main storage area (The Cargo Hold) where many chests and crates are located.

Special Features: I'm proud to say that this is Shivering Isle's first ever house boat . It is also not to big, so the player has a nice cozy effect. The same 'find-you-way-into-the-Master-Bedroom' easter egg found in the Champagne Sailor is used in this mod. The boat has no added models - the entire mod was made by using existing meshes from original Oblivion and Shivering Isles.

Other information

Buyable: The boat does not need to be purchased. It is next to the bridge ready for you to live on it.

Quest: N/A

Exterior - (On the Bridge to Split)
Interior - (Master Bedroom)

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