Recruit New Telvanni Councilors're a Telvanni huh? 

Name  Recruit New Telvanni Councilors

Category  Quests
Version  0.5 (BETA)
Requires  N/A
Description  Throughout the game, it seems a lot of people wanted all the Telvanni Councilors dead. Either it be a struggle for power, jealous mages from a certain guild, Morag Tong assasins or rival houses, all the councilors are asked to be killed at least once. The idea of this mod is to replace the original councilors with new councilors that don't need to be killed.

This mod adds 6 new quests, some big, some small, that lets you replace the Telvanni Councilors. The mod also adds 6 mini-chores for the play to do for the new councilors. Some quests may require that you finish other quests before you can receive them.

This mod serves as a purpose so that any councilors that you kill you can replace - and the councilors you don't kill will still be around. Coincidently, to get the most out of this mod, you must kill all the original councilors!

Head over to the Sadrith Mora Telvanni Council House Entry, and talk to Supreme Master Mazdoki. You can ask him about the Telvanni councilors. Once a councilor has been killed, as him about that councilor, and he will ask you to find a replacement.
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