Mzanchend Redesigned

      "You can live there now?!"


Name  Mzanchend Redesigned

Category  Houses
Version  1.0
Requires  Tribunal
Description  Mzanchend is a nice cozy home with a dwemer design. It replaces the old ruin with a nice small home. It includes a Dwemer Museum, a library,an alchemal Garden, dining area and a small bedroom. It is all in one cell.

Mzanchend is just North west of Uvirith's grave (teh Telvanni Stronghold) Just keep going that direction until you see some pointy towers. That is Mzanchend. A bridge will be there to let you cross the lava.

You also have four jolly pets. Bruce, Sean, George and Fred are all harmless dwemer creations. They dont do much though. Maybe if I update this, they will be able to be companions. But for now, they are just for decoration.

There is also an item to transport you back to Mzanchend.


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