Oriental Themed Island created by resources from the community

Name  Makunde
Author  Master Sam
Submitted / Updated  02-09-2009 / 02-10-2009
Category  Landmasses
ForumThread  Link
Requires  Tribunal
Version  1.1
'Makunde' adds a small, oriental themed island to the north-east of Vvardenfel. Compiling Morrowind resources of over a dozen different modders, 'Makunde' is my most ambitious mod til now, and the first fully released and published asian village mod.

The island of Makunde mas many places to explore, from the large Makunde Imperial Hamlet - which boasts the Fire Pagoda, the Imperial Dock and the Haight Imperial Palace - to the serene Ankan Village. You can also explore the mythical Kayablian 'Crystal' Forest with it's frozen stone animals and goregous flora, and visit the eclectic and eccentric moutain Koudamare Mountain Tribe on the Zharzuo Summit. There are a handful of several minor quests which you can discover from chatting with the locals.

The mod also includes an entirely new race by Westly, "Exiles of Akavir", and intergrates them as the ancient race known as the Chine, from the far eastern empire of the Fire Moon, Ka. The race is playable, and all the NPCs have generic dialouge in addition to some characters having unique personalities. In addition, all NPCs wear new clothes and armor, featuring the work of SotiCoto, Plangkne and Ronin. If you like what you see in this mod, I strongly encourage you to download the full versions of the original mods.

This mod is a tribute to everyone who has contributed to the Morrowind Modding Community. Makunde is almost entirely made out of resources by various modders, without who this wouldn't exist. Special thanks to Legato and Redwoodtreesprite, who compiled the asian resource list to begin with.

As well as an eyecandy mod, this mod is meant as a modder's resource. Feel free to edit or add whatever you wish to the mod. Please read the enclosed read-me's for more information.
Change log
1.1 - Fixes a massive hole in the island's east coast. Please download the enclosed plug-in to fix this error. 


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