Mae'vir Manor

     The first ivory mansion 


Name  Mae'vir Manor

Category  Houses
Version  2.0
Requires  Tribunal
Description  Mae'vir Manor is a spacious mansion located outside Ebonheart.
It features many rooms including the Armory, Display Room, Library,
Throne Room, Bedroom, Storage, Indoor Garden, Lounge, Dining Room and
a Guest Room. This mod combines Shannon's Ivory Furniture with Canadian Ice's Red Imperial Designed Tileset. This is the first mod to be made out of Ice's tileset, and I'm very happy with the result. The house features lots of beautiful Ivory furniture, instruments (by Dongle) and various other items

There is also a special "easter egg" hidden somewhere. A beautiful Red Gown......Can you find it?

*May Require Better Bodies if you want the Easter egg*


Download from Planet Elder Scrolls