Kvatch Castle

       Now renovated! 

Name  Kvatch Castle

Category  Modders Resources
Version  1.0
Description This mod was made with the Shivering Isles expansion. It is required to run the mod.
I was messing around in the construction set to just have a look at what you could do in Oblivion Modding. This mod was to test editing old cells, Reference Points and AI Packages.

I left it on my hard drive for a while, but then I realised that no-one has released a fully done re-built Kvatch Mod yet, so it's not going to hurt anyone me realeasing this. I then thought I'd make it a modders reasource, so that if someone is working on a Kvatch Mod, they can use this for a way to get ahead with the palace.

This mod has been a learning stone for me, so I may have a go at building other parts of Kvatch (Chapel, Mages Guild - little things).

This mod adds 1 Count, 1 Steward, 2 Guards and 2 Sevants who (hopefully) all have AI routines.