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Oblivion Mods 

-The Champagne Sailor

-Kvatch Castle

-The Asti Voyage


Morrowind Mods


-Raemanity - Another Side of Lady Rae

-The Quixinite

-Mae'vir Manor

-Tyravel Manor Redone

-Mzanchend Redesigned

-Recruit New Telvanni Councilors

-Morvyan Manor Renovated

-The Royal Palace

- Barenziah Makeover

-Mournhold Plaza Fix

-Sadith Mora Mages Guild Expanded

-Pictured Birthsigns

Welcome to my site! Africa is my site, used mainly for showing my modifications made for the public to enjoy. Keep in mind this site is a work in progress - it will be updated soon!


Yarr. I appologize again for the lack of updates. Into my senior years of education now so that's taken a very important part of life at the moment. I'm also very active in my swimming at the moment, but I have managed to complete my latest mod 'Makunde'. I'm thrilled about the release which has taken a very long time (started in February 2008). It's available at the link above, and for the moment here is a link to the final trailer on was in widescreen but I don't know how to fix it. Who cares anyway?

Anyway, lots of exciting stuff happening. I'll keep you all posted (maybe =p).




Oh thats right - I actually HAVE a website =P. If anyone actually visits this site, sorry about the lack of updates! Theres been a lot going on in life so I havent been on the computer as much as I normally have been. However, in modding news, I've completed the long-overdue Anoicaar, which can be downloaded at Planet Elder Scrolls, and is also featured on the Oblivion Real Estate. I've also started work on an oriental themed Morrowind Mod which compiles a lot of hard work from modders into one big mod  that the player can explore. If you want to know more, head over to the thread on the Bethesda Official Forums. Additionally, you can take a look at the sweet mini trailer I made, which is avalible on YouTube Thats all for the moment =D.




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