Ashley's Wedding Planning Bio 

January 24th 2009... here we come! 

Here are the pictures from the actual weddng- if you scroll far down enough you will see my original planning bio!

What we have so far... boxes and boxes of wedding stuff


The Church! 

St. Maximilian Kolbe St Maximilian Kolbe

I hot glued ribbon to our candles


This wedding placed a window box of flowers to fill up all of the space

the holy family


Although we cannot decorate the pews, there are candle holders we can spruce up, they look a lot like this (although the stands are shorter and we are much taller!)

 here is a picture of the candles dolled up for a wedding, I think we may use tulle


The reception

Venue- O'Reilly Hall at the church O' Reilly Hall

I took these picture before a wedding that was to take place int he hall.... they use the same caterer as we are. They had WAY more guests, we will probably isolate 1/3 of the room to use for our non-cocktail hour ( beer and wine will be served though!) and kids area.

Here is a picture of the bar. 


 and we also get a coffee bar with out catering package...


 They placed their cake on top of the Piano on the stage


Caterer - Command Preformance   command preformance


Cake - we are doing our cake tasting later this month, we are going for a "yummy" look rather than pretty.

I think this one is really cute too.. but not that yummy looking

We went to Skiff's cakes for our tasting.. here's what we thought of it... 



Our topper, used by my Gramps and Grandma Marge in their wedding in the 40's. I took it to a restoration place and they said it still had icing on it! I cleaned up the topper myself and repainted the base.

                         Before                    After




I like this one, and we have TONS of ribbon

 I'd really like to have at least one gardenia, it reminds me of my "Gramps"

some tablescape ideas

The hall has these glass candle holders we can use, there are 30 of them... not sure how to use them yet though.. any ideas???? 


Obviously not this elaborate but maybe am arrangement like this with smaller flowers... maybe some hanging greenery







Ceremony - I like this arrangement

My friend Jessica gave me an entire box of the these gems...


Save the Dates - not something I was going to do originally but after feedback and some thought, decided to do them. I simply print them out at home on card stock and added a stamp to spruce them up. 


Invitations -  We bought our invitations from Kinkos, although the staff wasn't exactly helpful (they called me several times for our address and the proof had Brian instead of Ryan) the invitations came out exactly how we ordered them, were finished within 2 weeks and were very affordable. We will add a card with our wedding website and possibly a ribbon to "tie it all together"




Who doesn't love these Lindt truffles? AND they come in blue and silver.. perfecto


plus I can make a dress with the wrappers!


The Attire

My Dress! - Ryan promised not to look at this site anymore. The main things he cares about a pretty much done (food and cake)


Ivory dress with white tuxedo shirt... doesn't clash at all :e)


Hair Styles... I want to look like me... So I'd like to wear my hair down and keep it natual with big romantic waves. here are some of the styles I like

Make-up.. Also want to keep it natural but elegant. 


Still deciding on the necklace but here is a picture of the earrings. They are Ryan's grandmother B's. I had them studded with sterling silver and professionally cleaned, they look brand new... even though they are my "something old" . I would also like to wear some of my grandmothers (both sides) jewelery.

Bridesmaids dresses - Bill Levkoff any design but in Euro Royal Blue


Flowergirl - Miss Cierra!

still looking for her dress, but I like this one








maybe a cute crown of flowers like these...

Mother of the Bride



Photographer - I got a referral from a local bride on, as soon as I met with Niki I was sold. I love their pictures and their personalities. I can't wait to see what they can really do :e)

DJ -  California Sounds recommended by our photographer. Meeting with Tom was a pleasure. He answered all of my questions and I'm sure he'll do an amazing job


We're going on a road trip up highway one! We are thinking of staying a few nights in San Francisco, Napa and Yosimite.

We are staying at the Ahwahnee in Yosemite! 


We are staying in Fisherman's Wharf while in San Francisco,

 This bride decorated the sweetheart table with the bridesmaids bouquets