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Villas outside the Walls

Via Marina

To the north of the Via Marina are the remains of several buildings including the Suburban Baths.
The Via Marina leads upwards from the port to the Marina Gate (A). On the right-hand (south) side, just prior to the Gate (pictured below), lies the Villa Imperiale, which was re-discovered after the bombing of World War II.

Via dei Sepolcri

Leaving by the Herculaneum Gate (A), the Via dei Sepolcri has a series of shops (coloured blue on the map) interspersed with monumental tombs. These shops had a small apartment attached with a coenaculum, or dining room, on the upper floor.
Behind the shopping area were two villas, the Villa of Cicero and the Villa of the Figured Capitals. Beyond these lies the Villa of Diomedes.
The villa lies on the Via Ercolanense, just beyond the split in the Via dei Sepolcri. The northern arm of the junction, the Via Superiore, leads past the front of the Villa of the Mysteries, but to gain access to the property today the visitor must go by way of the Viale di Villa dei Misteri (accessed from the Via Ercolanense, just after the Villa of Diomedes).

Summary Details

Name or Description
Area (Sq.m)
No of Rooms
Decoration and Comments
N/A Villa Imperiale TBA
Irregular plan. Large reception room. Triclinium. Peristyle. Third and fourth style decoration. First excavated in 1947. Semi-ruinous state.
Villa of Cicero 5549 20+ Large sprawling villa first excavated in 1759 and subsequently reburied. Ruinous state.
Villa of Diomedes 1229 30+ Irregular plan. Peristyle. Atrium. Tablinum. Winter and summer triclinia. Large enclosed garden with central pool. Raised terrace round garden with corner belvederes. Semi-ruinous state.
N/A Villa of the Figured Capitals 2932 20+ Long entrances off Via dei Sepolcri leading to two garden areas. Pergola in front of nymphaeum. Lararium. Spectacular mosaic columns. 'Blue vase'. Ruinous state.
N/A Villa of the Mysteries 2895 30+ Irregular plan. Peristyle. Tetrestyle atrium. Tuscan atrium. Tablinum. Private bath suite. Rooms devoted to farm production. Raised portico. Second and third style decoration including the 'Dionysaic Mysteries'.

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