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Reg VII, Ins 16

General Description

House of M. Fabius Rufus Reg VII, Ins 16 defines the western limit of Regio VII and is bounded to the east by the Vico del Farmacista and the Vico dei Soprastanti.

The insula is a general mix of commercial and domestic properties. The shops and workshops are mainly concentrated along the Via Marina while the houses lie more to the north, taking advantage of the escarpment to provide panoramic views to the west. The most imposing of the properties is the multi-level complex known as the House of M. Fabius Rufus.

Plan of the Insula..

..A. House of M. Fabius Rufus

Full List of Properties

Name or Description
Area (Sq.m)
No of Rooms
Decoration and Comments
Unnamed house 431 12 Irregular plan. Central atrium with rooms off. Peristyle offset to west. No surviving decoration. Ruinous condition.
Shop 17 1 Undecorated single room. Ruinous condition.
3 House of Aemilius Crescens 145 6 Irregular plan. Room to left on fauces. Central atrium with rooms off. No surviving decoration. Ruinous state.
4 Shop 19 1
Undecorated single room. Linked to No.3. Ruinous condition.
5,6 Workshop 58 1 Stairs up at No.5. Workshop in ruinous condition.
7,8 Popina 48 2 Masonry counter. Oven. Niches on west wall. Side entrance and stairs up at No.8. Ruinous state.
9 Bakery 49 3 Oven. No surviving decoration. Ruinous condition.
10,11 Unnamed house and shop 203 8 Non standard plan. Atrium. Marble impluvium. Shop at No.11. Ruinous condition.
12-14 Unnamed house 827 19 At No.13, standard atrium/garden plan. Atrium. Impluvium. Tablinum. Peristyle. Some surviving mosaic paving. Second atrium off No.12. Stairs up at No.14.
15-16 House of Aulus Unbricius Scaurus 595 11+ Irregular plan. Atrium with rooms off. Some surviving mosaic paving. Little remaining decoration. Plaster remnants. Lower floors. Ruinous condition.
House of M. Fabius Rufus 4973 40+ Consists of several properties. Small house at No.18. Workshop at No.19. Largest domestic complex in Pompeii. Third and fourth style decoration. Vessels. Bronzes. Frescoes.

Tour of the Insula

To examine a featured building in more detail, select it from the above list. Where there is more than one property of interest in the insula, the buildings are arranged in order of reference number, which may not necessarily be the route chosen when actually visiting the site.

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