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Regio VI

Regio VI occupies the north west corner of Pompeii, bounded to the south by the Via della Fortuna Augusta and to the east by the Via Stabiana.

The regio is made up of 17 insulae as shown in the graphic below. Of these, insulae 1,2, 6-12 and 15-17 contain properties that are examined here in more detail. (Insula 17 is the northern half of what is known as the 'Insula Occendentalis'). The area is a general mix of properties, with the shops lining the streets while the houses occupy the interior of the insulae.

Reg VI, Ins 1 Reg VI, Ins 2 Reg VI, Ins 6 Reg VI, Ins 7 Reg VI, Ins 8 Reg VI, Ins 9 Reg VI, Ins 10 Reg VI, Ins 11 Reg VI, Ins 12 Reg VI, Ins 15 Reg VI, Ins 16 Reg VI, Ins 17

Plan of Regio VI..

Tour of Regio VI

To examine any of the twelve featured insulae in Regio VI in more detail, select the insula from the map or from the table below. Each featured insula has its own individual plan, a full list of all properties it contains, and expanded details of the most notable buildings.

Reg VI, Ins 1
A variety of shops and bars. Also the House of the Surgeon.
Reg VI, Ins 2
Contains a general mix of domestic and commercial properties.
Reg VI, Ins 6
A bakery, a few shops, but mostly the large House of Pansa.
Reg VI, Ins 7 Mainly domestic in nature, with a few shops and workshops.
Reg VI, Ins 8 Contains a mix of shops, bars and domestic properties.
Reg VI, Ins 9 The insula consists of five large domestic properties.
Reg VI, Ins 10 A mix of shops and dwellings, including the House of the Ship.
Reg VI, Ins 11 The northern part of the insula is generally in a more ruinous.
Reg VI, Ins 12 A few shops, but mostly one large property, the House of the Faun.
Reg VI, Ins 15 Mostly domestic properties including the House of the Vettii.
Reg VI, Ins 16 A narrow insula, especially at its northern end.
Reg VI, Ins 17 Houses take advantage of the escarpment for panoramic views.

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